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I'm a brony stuck with a case of the pony bug some much, I did something I will forever regret. And it wasn't tell my friends. It was much worse. *sigh*


Hi there. I'm a parasprite. I know you're like, Aaah! a parasprite! Kill it! We don't always go around eating. Actually the raid on Ponyville was so vicious because the parasprites go hungry. We never seem to have had a food source that was enough to feed our numbers. Actually, we're close to extinct. This is a collection of my adventures. As well as, my ultimate final adventure.

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1st 1st person fic I have ever made.

These are put in day-by-day intervals, so take the time it takes to read with a grain of salt. if you find this rushed, remember that this is pretty much a diary with entries inputted at about 9-o-clock at night.

Well this is a first. A pick from the POV of a PARASPRITE. I'm interested.

This better not be that parasprite that ate Lyra's pie, is it? I hate him. He made Lyra cry.

Very well written. faved.

I'm not sure how I like the concept, but I can see that you've written it well enough.
I understand that it is in a journal form, but sometimes the writing sounds a bit chunky, which is usually something that you want to avoid.
Good job so far, glad to see that new things are being tried in the fanbase, and I wish that you find a good readerbase.


decent, but i don't get how a parasprite can burn for hours on end, elaborate pal please :fluttershyouch:

828099 gasoline. Lots and lots of gasoline.

827947 NO, I believe he was one of the parasprites in Twilight's library. He stole a journal remember? I think he was driven into the forest shortly after.

I find the thought of my story unique as well. However, I've had the idea of a Parasprite story for a while, and I guess you could say I'm a parasprite fanatic. I also had the idea of making my story cross over with another one of mine, or someone else's if they want to. Oh yes and to say a message to all the bronies under attack by the haters, If you want to deal with the haters and trolls, just join the peace corps. You'll find out what they are in this link, but you'll need to wait a while before it's mentioned.click here.

Mana pool? That I understand. Mrs. Cake with a flamethrower? Getting off course.

I can get those points by reading, fighting, and talking with people about magic. I'm going to try to hold a conversation

now it's officially a video game.

845211 I spend too much time on the computer. It is somewhat a video game, but in the end you're meant to die. However, I'm writing a sequel that won't be released until I finish this one and it.

Sorry bout the bold. Still fairly new. I understand. I don't mean to rush but please next chapter.


955535 I'm not going very fast because I spend half the day thinking of crap to throw at Vex, and the last few moments before its time for sleep to update. I type very fast.

I'm going to try to add a little more fight scenes every chapter. Building up to the final day. Which will be just one big fight scene!

964297 I think I'll have it out befor the week is over. JUst sit tight.

The crystal fair song! The tantalizing taste of Season 3! AAAAAAAAAAgh! The pain! MY insides are melting. HElp me! I'm dying! By the way, in about a week from now, which is July 24, I'll be taking a trip. I won't be able to update because I'll be moving around, so I hope you'll forgive me if the next chapter doesn't come out in the same amount of time.

966834 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! more death comes to me! These freaking teaser trailers for Season 3 are burning me from the inside out! HELP! I think I'll be out sick longer than I thought. I'll be trying to put out my insides. :pinkiesick: Oh no the Failure Success Song! I'm dying! And the encore and the animationsare killing me! Anyone know an antidote for anticipation withdrawal? I might need it in order to be able to write the next chapter.

I have a question. How doth one make an animated GIF?

I'm gonna write a story about a Parasprite who enters Ponyville [His name is Bill and he was born without the Replication gene]

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