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Queen Chrysalis has a plan for the ponies who slighted her the last time she invaded. In order to take over Equestria and get revenge on those who foiled her, she sends her son, Prince Silver Jacket, to seduce and control one of the princesses. His target of choice, Princess Luna.
Disguised as a member of Luna's personal guard, Silver Jacket worms his way into the good graces of the royal family, with the aim of stealing a powerful artifact and turning it against the alicorns. With the power of all four princesses, Queen Chrysalis will be able to break free of her imprisonment and would be unstoppable in her quest to rule ponykind.
The only thing that could possibly stand in her way, and the plans she has for the ponies, is something that not even she could possibly foresee. Could Silver Jacket's feelings for Luna be more than an act, or was it all just a ploy to get under her fur? Only time will tell, and only fate knows the outcome of this battle for love and country.

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MMMMMM tasty *jumps out the window*

Also first

I really hope this goes well. Not too many good oc x Luna fics in my opinion. On top of that, there many at all in the first place, let alone active/complete, or worth the read. I think this is headed in the right direction, looking forward to more! :D

I like where this is going.

Why isn't there more comments?! I think this story is amazing! Different opinions I guess. Please keep up the good work man!

I am quite surprised by the lack of viewers, this is an very nice story and one that should of been featured already.

I must admit that this fic was very ify to me at first. Royal changlings able to eat non-positive emotions, and two thousand-something word chapters were things I had to get used to.

Holy flop, I'm glad I did. Your OC is great, he knows a lot and is well trained but lacks experience and slips-up. Celly and Luna are also pretty good, though I feel Luna acts a little childish for a however-many-thousand year old ruler. Your random OCs have no obvious problems ether.

I could eventually rationalize negative emotion feeding and the pegasus form turning into a batpony, but I still don't understand how powerful an alicorn is here. One minute they are the only ones powerful enough to brake Chyrisy's locks, the next they can be incapacitated by mere alcohol, one minute they can survive ingesting three lightning bolts, the next they're exhausted after a day of talking and writing.

That bar pony is quite the mage if she can cast and distil three bolts of lightning in a drink, or that places electric bill is of the charts.

I question the purpose of keep such powerful artifacts instead of destroying them. Keeping the amulaet of alicorn slaying so close to home when any drunk drowsy alicorn could spill the beans on the location. Plus they have no alarm spells or anything? Or maybe they do, and we just don't know it yet. The prince's tendency to say his plans out loud will surly come back to bite him.

I love this fic and will wait for more. Keep up the good work!

7468443 People just like clop more. It seems that stories that are featured are not really good as ones that should be featured. Im not a good author by any means but I agree that this story is good.

son of a fish nugget, it all goes down hill from here. or up depending on your view

Chrysalis is going to die... painfully.

Wellllllll...... They're screwed!

Go sliver get all them booty.

Argh just binge-read the last four chapters and this is a horrible place for the next button to disappear


Ok, how does a story this good and long have barely any likes and comments!?!:rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp: I'll make alternate accounts to give this likes if need be.

Is there an ETA on the next chapter?

Moar, I NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

I need more! Write Faster, we need our fix!

I foresee a revolt. Tyrants, especially one who make rules like that don't just keep control without armed insurrection, and I doubt the ponies are just going to sit back and let themselves be taken advantage of, or at least, not all of them...

Somehow,I managed to create an OC with your username. Odd right?

There an ETA for next chapter yet?

7642527 Sorry, got piles of work to do for school, such as the ever-painful midterms. Probably won't be getting the next chapter for a while. Thanks so much for the support, and I hope when the next update drops it's worth the wait. It's certainly shaping up to be a whopper in my brain, now I just need to write the damn thing.

7643237 A great story can`t wait to see it continue. Hope you will find some time and of course further inspiration to continue it. :twilightsmile:

Would be sad to see another good story unfinished, had to see that many times.:fluttercry:

Been waiting for this! Oorah! *sounds Bugle Charge*

“Your Highness!” The right one yelled, “We we’re expecting you. What are you doing all the way down here?”

Should be wereN'T

Only wish the last one was more epic! But other than that, great chapter!

Nice chapter, can`t wait to see this story finished it's finished. I know I am far too impatient :twilightsheepish:

Nice chapter, now it is getting interresting. Can`t wait to see the next :yay:

my brain died, ill be back when potatoes grow legs

Oh shit, Noble is about to open hundreds of cases of whoopass on chrysalis. I would say for celestial have mercy on her soul, but she isn't here any more hell is to nice a place for her.

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As the ponies began forming into a bob

should be Mob

Yeah, seriously. This story's pretty good. One of the rare Luna x OC stories, as far as I know.

Your work is done my tear is shed.
But my heart is not that weak.
But it was close enough.

So will there be more after?

8032208 Possibly. I have other works that are taking up the majority of my time right now, but there is some stuff in my mind that could be turned into a sequel later. I'll keep you guys posted on when and or if there will be a sequel. Thanks for making it this far, and happy reading.

8032224 no problem and i mostly just see a sequal being deal with the fact the celastia is dead the ponys dont trust him and improveing relations both with luna and the ponies

Other than the birthing scene, which was rather... un-sensitive, this played out well.

I'm sorry to say my liking for this story dropped when celestia died but it is still a good story

I have seen that this story has been completed after the last time I had seen it. :pinkiegasp:
I have to re-read. :twilightangry2:
I don't want to continue if I forgot something important. :twilightblush:

liked the story tho sad to say it didnt make my favs sorry, but practice makes perfect im sure your future as a writer is very bright

ACK! Too much love, TOO MUCH LOVE!

Anywho awesome story can't wait to see its sequal an thanks for ze awesome read!

A good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Well, except for one thing you did in chapter 17:

I’m giving you this one chance. Take your hive and never return to Equestria. If you do, know that there is no place on Equis that you can hide from me. If I even think you’ve sent infiltrators into pony lands, I will find you, and I will make you watch as I kill every last one of your children before I send you to the burning abyss of Tararus. [...]
You have three days to get beyond Equestria’s borders. I don’t care which direction and I don’t care how.

Would he really kill all his (former) siblings?
I think that would go too far. I can imagine he would punish her, maybe even declare himself the new leader of the hive, but punishing all of them for an mistake of their leader...
I would have also expected he would allow his siblings to stay in Equestria as long as they follow the laws. I mean, look at his personal guard. (How are they even okay with that?)
Banishing all of them, even those who may want to live in peace with the ponies seems too harsh for me.

But that's the only flaw I found in this story. The rest is good.
Small note at the end: I found the actual source of the full, uncropped cover art: "My new life as a Changeling." by Android-21-Midnight

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