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Twilight Sparkle is ready for a nice evening with Moon Dancer to help restore their friendship. However, the pair quickly gets sidetracked when Moon Dancer demonstrates a lamia transformation spell that leaves her feeling a little predatory, and Twilight is in for an evening filled with enchantment. Of course, Moon Dancer isn't entertaining her for free, and together they'll go on a psychological adventure that will reveal things about these two mares that they didn't even know about themselves.

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I enjoyed it. Light hearted, yet fun.

No Bad End? That's unusual......... Especially for you.....

Still a good story though.

"Hypnotism?" Twilight's head tilted to the side slightly. She never really considered delving more into mind-altering

No, hypnotism isn't mind-altering, per se.
I thougut it jutst communiced with the sub conscience.

Lamia Moon Dancer vs Equestria?


Taking over Equestria through her hypnotic powers could be a fun little hobby to distract her from the stresses of her studies.

The coils constricting her and shortening her breath was fun.
The silky feeling of her dress was fun.
Her elongated mane was fun.
The coils pressing themselves hard into her lower regions were SO much fun.

This cracked me up. :rainbowlaugh:

I really enjoyed this story and I think it's one of your best yet. You're really growing as a writer and it's nice to be able to watch that. I like the character dynamic between Twilight and Moondancer, I loved the actual hypnosis parts, and I just adore that Moondancer's reason for being a lamia is "drawing is hard".

I hope to see a sequel to this soon. :raritywink:


Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing it.

Honestly this whole story was, at least in my opinoin, your best one so far. The trance and everything was done so perfectly. I really loved and enjoyed this one. ^^

I loved this story, it was really fun :twilightsmile:

sequel please

This is the most well done hypno fic I have read, especially since it's not rated M. Seriously, almost all the good hypno fics are clops, it's actually disgusting


Thank you! I agree, hypno and mind control being used for sex feels like a waste. Like yeah, I can understand kissing and cuddling, but I feel like those are just natural extensions of power and don't have to be inherently sexual.

sex can be in a good hypno fic, but it doesn't have to be graphic. Which is what most other stories do. The more suddle ways you did it is much better than 'I control you, have sex with me'. You did the shipping that, at least I assume, this fic was going for, without going overboard, and I appreciate it.


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed my work. If my labor can bring a smile to even one person's face then it's worth it in the end.

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