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I am very much in favour of Big Mac showing Zecora the ropes some more.

Kinky couple they are.

Hoping for an update soon

I am not normally into super explicit stuff, but I really love Macora enough that I would love to see this fic continue. I don't care what Season 7 says. Macora will always be My OTP.

Somne do some kinky artwork of this!
Alsp forget season 7! I prefer other pairings

1 year and still no update?

Is this still going on, because it's amazing

Not bad. Though I would expect Zecora to be a little less slutty and more responsible. Also in the middle it first seemed that Zecora was in the open and right afterwards that she was underneath the table. what was that?

Where's the next chapter?

So this story is dead?

Why is there no update?

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