• Published 23rd Jul 2016
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Outline - Smashology

Applejack accompanies Rarity on a train ride. But the strange circumstances and the forgotten passengers will note that Applejack shouldn't be on board.

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Ripple Road

Ah came back to reality abruptly ‘cause Ah heard a balloon pop-like sound. Many of them actually. Ah noticed then that none of the humans were aboard. Just Dan openin’ some champagne bottles with Teddie Safari and Aleksandr. Pourin’ the content in the cups they had they cheered for them.

“What just happened?” Ah asked curiously. “Did Ah miss somethin’?”

“The humans reached their station” Rarity responded to me, she was holdin’ a cup with champagne as well. “We’re celebrating them. Not all the passengers arrive on time, just look at Aleksandr here. He’s panting of joy.”

But mah suspicions were raisin’. “Yer nose... is bleedin’ sugarcube. Is there a doctor here?”

“It’s not necessary” Rarity used her magic to cause a tissue to appear from nowhere and clean her nose. “You see? Probably was too many drinks for today. No need to worry... But I’m glad you did.”

“Dan can Ah ask ya a question?”

He turned around. “Just one. I need to get back to my job.”

“Why didn’t ya go with them?” He remained silent for several minutes.

“...Their destiny is not mine. When you’re a guy who constantly wants revenge on everything he come across with, the rest of the common Meta doesn’t matter. Besides without me the other assistant would ruin this place.”

“...The other assistant?”

A bell rang, from the main door came a pink pony covered in hair so thick she could barely see what it had in front of her nose. On the bright side thought she looked so energetic and peppy that one grew affection on her. She was carryin’ a plate for the empty bottles on her back. All the remainin’ passengers put their empty cups and bottles on the tray.

“Thanks Fluffle Puff” Dan replied. “Can you wash these right now? We don’t want the new guests to be disappointed of our services” she nodded and before coming back to the main door the fillies interrupted her.

“Hey you pink one” said Diamond Tiara. “Bring me one of those champagnes.”

“For me too” added Silver Spoon.

Ah stood up from mah seat and went directly to speak to them as Fluffle Puff obeyed her orders and picked up their tickets. Although she didn’t mind their behavior, ‘cause she left as happy as when she entered the corridor, Ah was disappointed. Ah thought they had changed. When Ah became close enough Ah noticed they had a business card from Fluffle Puff, it said: ‘your every wish is my command.’ Ah threw it away and then proceeded to spoke to them.

“Hey, that wasn’t a very nice thing to say. Besides aren’t ya too young to drink?”

“What are you implying Applejack?” asked Silver Spoon. “I thought we were good ponies now. I thought we could get along you and Rarity.”

“Yeah but–”

“Don’t worry Applejack” Diamond Tiara interrupted me in the most decent form she could. “We understand.”

“...Ya do?”

“Yeah, you want the best for us. But we trust you, unlike my parents.”

“Yer parents?” Ah raised mah eyebrow.

“Here’s the story” Silver Spoon started to explain. “We went to the aquatic park to have some fun. After exploring a little bit Di and I wanted to go to the highest water slide in the park but her parents didn’t allowed us to go anywhere alone because we weren’t ‘old enough’ to be on our own, so when they got distracted we went there only to discover it was closed but we didn’t care, we found a way to sneaked us in. Their parents didn’t seemed to be bothered anyway. Strangely enough water was still flowing so we got in and the road was so long and strong that the splash at the end was huge. All the ponies clapped and raised us together for our triumph, it was a shocking ending.”

Ah honestly didn’t understand what they said. “What do ya mean?”

“Have fun here, like all of us. Take a closer look at them” answered Diamond Tiara. “Everypony here is happy and joyful, even Sil and I are enjoying the ride. Forget about everything, I’m sure Apple Bloom would say that. After all we’re friends now. Don’t worry, be happy!”

With a smile on their faces I returned to mah seat. Both Dan and the pink pony had left the corridor, but also Ah noticed the train more empty.

“Where is Teddie Safari?”

“...She left” Rarity answered to me.

Ah was concerned ‘bout ‘cause Ah didn’t notice the moment when the train stopped. “When?”

“When you were talking to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Teddie wanted to say good bye to you but she was in a hurry. She took Aleksandr with her like she said.”

Ah felt guilty inside me, worried ‘bout her and her new companion. Then Ah finally decided to confess Rarity mah opinions towards them.
“Can Ah tell ya somethin’ sugarcube?” she nodded and Ah sighed. “When she arrived Ah was bothered ‘cause she constantly interrupted us and he was constantly glarin’ at me, but now that she’s gone, Ah’d have liked to talk more with her.”

Rarity patted me on mah shoulder to make me feel better, before once again she fallin’ asleep and Ah got lost in mah thoughts. Then two balloon pop-like sound were heard.

Since it was her birthday soon, actually a day away, Ah decided to do somethin’ nice for her. So Ah ordered a batch of cupcakes for her that same night. The Cakes said it was nice of me to do that, and Ah agreed with them. Ah left the batch at her door later on. Before Ah went to sleep that night, Ah couldn’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout how happy Rarity would be when she found those cupcakes on her door. But it wasn’t that easy: Ah requested Pinkie Pie to organize the party at the highest hill of Ponyville and to not invite the rest of our friends, it was goin’ to be a party for just me and her. She Pinkie promised.