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This story is a sequel to Someone Still Loves You

While editing Someone Still Loves You for Jowijo, I've suggested a couple different alternate scenes that didn't make it into the final product. I'm kind-of attached to these scenes, so I've decided to post 'em here.

Context is kinda necessary for understanding these, so go and read the original, if you haven't already. Also, make sure to show Jowijo some love in the comments!

Next chapter posts after SSLY completes.

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Chapters (3)
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Applejack rolled her eyes. “Didn’t need magic to figure that out—”
She is officially the 420th best jack ever

Comment posted by jack the blu-jay deleted Aug 31st, 2016


Okay. Cards on the table? You're starting to creep me out.

I don't know if you're playing some sort of game, but can you please stop being creepy? Or at least so goshdarn cryptic? This isn't the place for it, man; people come here to talk about stories, not to be riddled at.


Very nice idea! I'd have thought that this could have worked in the actual story.

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