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In a land outside of the borders of Equestria, a horrible practice of dragon slaving exists. Spike, a purple dragon almost reaching adulthood, one day escaped from his owners. After two years of harsh lonely living, he finds himself in the care of Fluttershy, at the edge of the Everfree.

While the town of Ponyville greets him with warm hearts and tearful pity of his past, Spike cannot trust a single pony, due to his whole life having been under the race's iron rule. Reluctant to see him depressed and afraid, Fluttershy tries to take it upon herself to help Spike reintegrate into a normal life. Along the way, she finds out more about what it can mean to show kindness to someone whose never seen a hoof held out to help them.

Unfortunately for the town, Spike's last owner isn't about to have his property escape, and will do anything to retrieve his dragon back.

Cover-art by Korgikardigan. While showing Flutterspike, it won't be his only romantic choice. C'mon, we gotta make love more interesting than just one ship...

This is somewhat following after Season 4 ending. Any events that needed Spike are changed, sometimes to weirder effects.

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you have me interested...I'll give it a track to see where it takes

You, sire, are a magnificent bastard. Keep it coming.

7416275 I try my best. When I have the time, that is...

When is the next update for my Dragon Brother coming out?

Intriguing... My eye has officially been caught.

So... a decent number of fans have accused Twilight of being like a slaveowner to Spike.

Not to mention Spike has a bit of a self-esteem problem.

So here... you have a world where the slavery is literal, and the self-esteem is proportionally worse.

... Okay. I'm in. :moustache:

Great job mate love stories like this keep up the good work.
Demure Signing Off.

This seems pretty cool.

Wow , thats just, fantastic. Thats all I got to say.

Very original. Keep up the good work.

7416352 When I have some time to myself. Work's been running me ragged work weeks now. I only had this because I made up most of the chapter already sometime in the spring. A better of finishing and cleaning up in one night, and I uploaded this story.

I'm still working on MDB, don't worry. :raritywink:

I'm not sure I can say I liked how the story went.

It was all too easily stated, as far as the whole plot goes. Spike literally told them everything from the get go, like straight up TOLD them, instead of implying through ambiguous dialogue, which I think would have made that scene better.

Like, come on, how does fluttershy NOT recognize a dragon? Considering that Spike has to be somewhat bigger than his canon counterpart here, it should be obvious. Hell, Fluttershy CALLED him out on it in the first episode!

TL:DR? Everything was laid out too fast for my taste, if this is going to be a longer story. Leave something for the main cast to figure out about him. Make Spike at least a bit more suspicious of them. He was a SLAVE for OVER TWO YEARS OF HIS LIFE, why in any form of the imagination, would he just allow his defenses down like this, without lashing out more?

7417550 Valid points. Thank you for bringing them up.

While it is a bit dubious that Spike told the three girls what had happened to him, he actually didn't tell them exactly everything. Spike once had to personally serve a mare, an experience he wanted to forget, and he didn't tell Fluttershy why he was at first scared of being alone woth another solitary female.

As for what he actually said, Spike is extremely hurt from the Timberwolves, and in trying to keep himself from being in too much pain, he's a bit delirious. He tried feebly to get away from Fluttershy at first, and he saw her as an angel in disguise. Then, when Spike was, well, kinda cornered by the three mares after he growled at AJ's hat, he kinda had to tell them who Gorund was.

To be honest, I thought that if I was to make Spike's answers more ambiguous, I would have dragged the scene on longer. Plus, the twist to Spike's past is already in the description of the fimfic, so it would have looked like not even I knew what the twist was yet.

Fluttershy knows of dragons as big lizard creatures, like the other ponies do. There's a difference in what Spike looks like compared to actual dragons, although maybe I should have made that difference more clear.

And He wasn't a slave for two years. He was in the Everfree for two years. His whole life, he had been under slaves. He escaped, then those last two years he had been in the Everfree. With no one to talk to, he took to talking to himself, as seen with the scene at the lake.

Good story my only complaint is that Twilight and AJ just left Fluttershy with a angry dragon that could of attack her at any moment :unsuresweetie:

7418544 Spike can feebly hold himself up, much less attack. She's fine. Probably.

I would love to see how this plays out although I have one question? Is dragon slaving illegal in Equestria? Although I would like to say that it is I don't think it has been mentioned and although it seems like a dumb question I think it still comes around.

7416475 Sometimes, the best ideas are taking a for-granted joke and switching the idea.

I mean, My Dragon Brother takes the family relationship of Twilight and Spike and turns it around for Rainbow Dash. Santa Rosa takes the travel to Equestria bit and has the main human travel back and forth between worlds. I have another story in the works where it takes the adorable Luna and switches her gender, which now has all the mares falling for her in romantic comedy style.

The only hard part at any rate is having time to write all my ideas. If it isn't schoolwork, it's actual work. I work at a tailor shop (living the dream of fashion, just like Rarity...) and we're running ragged by all the bridal gowns for weddings in August and September. Not fun, but at least I'm making money now. Clean money too, thankfully.

7416986 I'm glad you like it!

7418924 Slavery in Equestria is illegal, and has been for a long time. Princess Celestia will have very strong feelings about Spike's past, as we will see in the coming chapters.

Gonna point this out. Drakes are dragons without wings, yet you have said this Spike has wings and you still call him a Drake.

7419176 Ack. Messed up when I was writing those. I'll fix them in a bit.

First "My Dragon Brother" and now this. You've done it again! :pinkiegasp:

Anotha! :pinkiehappy:

I thought of something very funny happening in a possible future chapter, but for the sake of not wanting to reveal anything that might possibly be in a chapter, I will keep it to myself...for the time being.

You know what I'm going to say it.

If Gorund comes to Ponyville asking for the whereabouts on Spike, only to have his question shot down by almost everypony he asks, because at this point, almost everyone in Ponyville knows about his past and loves him greatly. It even gets to a point where Gorund starts getting treatly hostile by other ponies who have a good idea on why he was looking for Spike.

Is ignitus a reference to spyro or just a coincidence


and[\i] he

you, ah, kinda dropped a bit of formatting there.

7423090 I have no idea how that happened. :rainbowderp:

7422679 I know of Ignitus from Spyro, but that wasn't where I chose the name. He will come up more in the story though.

7521683 No. My main story is My Dragon Brother, and then I have another story along with this one.

Thing about me is that I tend to go on long periods before finally updating my work...

Woo! cryptic, faceless, "buys slaves on a whim", teachers are the best!:pinkiecrazy:

I'm interested in hearing more about the dynamics of slavery in this world. Which type is it most similar to in our world?

Wow... poor Spike

I have to admit, this story looks like it has potential. The exchanges, emotional content, action and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. Maybe, in later chapters, there can be some passing mentions about how the events of the show have changed without him around until now (like, for example, what alternate test was used at Twilight's entrance exam). And I hope Angel and Discord don't give Spike TOO hard a time.

Sorry. Didn't mean to get off on a tangent. Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Excellent job on the dream/flashback. The exchange and emotional content (both in the past AND in the present concerning the latter) were well done in all the right places. I ALSO really liked Spike's tasting his food/medicine. At any rate, I will definitely be looking forward to more of this as soon as time and inspiration will allow.

This story definitely deserves more love. Intriguing so far, it definitely caught my attention.

So, a bit of the past unveiled. We'll probably learn more about this Madame Bellaloo - afterall, if he has a deep distrust of ponies, shouldn't her example prove him that not all is evil?
Or was there some betrayal? After all, she was not his first master. Question is if the ownership change was willing or unwilling from her side.
Well, we'll find out later!

is there going to be a new chapter this month?


The next chapter is halfway finished.

It's been halfway finished since 2 weeks ago.

Word to the wise: don't work on 5 stories at once, and then start working on 4 other stories as well. Also finish your homework early.

7719666 thanks, and thank, I'm still stuck on my first unpublished story:twilightsheepish:.

I pretty much love this. Like... I'm wanting to see what happens next, will angel the bunny become a enemy to spike? Will Rarity loose her rhinestones(mind) at first glance of spike? I have so many questions for this story I can't even think of any! But I will though, I promise that. :trollestia:

Is this story forgotten? Or have you just not had enough time to make a third chapter?

(This coming from the guy who takes weeks to write a single chapter...lol)


not enough time

8166267 okay, I won't pry into the matter any further


If you update this I'll pay you ten thousand dollars

Please update, i miss this so much.

Hope this story isn't dead, it's an interested premise that I haven't seen before.

Yep :d not rlly suprising if you think about it

Unfortunately, I've experienced this type of thing far too often. My brain comes up with an amazing idea, I write around 5,000 words in a rush of inspiration, and then suddenly, it gets at least ten times harder to write anything more. (Even if I have the whole plot planned out.)

Not saying that's definitely what happened, but it looks remarkably similar to my own failures. (Now I have to force myself to write about half the story before I start publishing stuff.)

That's the exact problem I'm having with my story, I know where I want the story to go, but I don't know how to get it there.

Checking in, hoping this story gets continue!

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