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Freezing Point


Cadence runs into Celestia while she is waiting for Shining Armor, and what starts out as an everyday conversation quickly becomes something else when Cadence reflects upon the heritage that both made her an alicorn and shaped the course of her life.

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Hmm... no problems mechanically, but I'd love to see more elaboration into this mortal alicorn stuff. In the future, try to elaborate just a bit more, because even if it's in your head, and makes perfect sense, we can't read minds!

Ha, I always have the same problem. "But I know Pinkie's eating cake!" "Well the readers don't, foal."

This is exactly how I view Cadence, not as an alicorn but simply a "winged unicorn". But I digress, were you thinking of expanding on this idea or is it just a one-shot ? I think the idea of Cadence's mortality, yet still being set apart from other ponies is a terrific concept to explore in depth. [Thumbs up !]

This story is simply amazing. I did notice one error, though:
She suddenly felt vaguely compelled to explain her own presents in the hall.
It should be "presence"

The worst of both worlds, perhaps: her days are numbered, and her friends may be few and far between. It is indeed worthy of further contemplation, and thank you for suggesting so.

It is a bit of a bad hand to be dealt, being distinctly marked as different from other ponies, yet receiving none of the perks of being an alicorn. Celestia and Luna both need to deal with the rather unpleasant notion of outliving everypony they know (not too many people ever stop to think about the downsides to immortality), even Twilight will eventually wither and die; at least in some small comfort they have each other. Cadence has no-one, yes she's married, but Shining Armor doesn't share her "situation" and will never truly understand it (no matter how hard he tries). It's tragic really, when you stop and think about it.

I think I'll just keep it a one-shot. While the concept of Cadence being a mortal alicorn does deserve a longer story, I don't think that I could extend this one without stuffing it up somehow.

Its weird how she was so formal, I mean Celestia is Cadence's aunt.... But good story otherwise! :pinkiehappy:

I don't think that they ever actually said that in the show (maybe they did and I just missed it).
But in my head cannon Cadence is like Blueblood; she's only distantly related to Celestia, but called her niece for the sake of convenience. So they may not have actually ever interacted that much.
And if you think about it: if Cadence is Celestia's niece then her mother would have to be Luna, who was still imprisoned in the moon at that point.

She could be adopted.... Or something :applejackconfused:

Good story, the only thing is that per word of God Cadence was born as a Pegasus and was made an alicorn like Twilight was. However I like your concept better, makes a lot more sense.


She was she was taken In to the royal family I think.

Oh, this is a good take on Cadance's origins! It's been confirmed that she was born a Pegasus and became an Alicorn, blah blah blah, but this was still a great read!

What a lovely take on Cadence. It is very "Skywriter"-esque in its presentation, and that is high praise.

Author Interviewer

Very nice!

How do you keep commenting on all the fics I've been reading lately, like five months in advance? Do you follow the same audiobook readers? XD

Pretty much that, hahaha.

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