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Just hanging around, reading here and there. Will get back to writing sometime.

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Not a bad premise if I do say so myself, but I'd highly reccomend finding an editor and proofreader before continuing.

Also, this chapter could have easily reached at least 7-10k words if more world building and character building were executed. Merely stating what a character looks like is one thing, immerse the reader in the world your story takes place in.


Thank you very much for the feedback. I actually have two people looking over it both as I write and before moving it from Gdocs so if a mistake sneaks on by, please point it out.

Currently i'm working on editing Ch 1, Ch 2 has been read through i guess i'll be the editor for this story

7443977 And you've done a fine job so far.

The First chapter has been edited so i highly suggest giving it another read!


Yes, many detail changes have been made. Note: the word count has gone from 2,879 to 7,003.

seems this is gonna be a interesting story. and plus wouldnt it be more simple to take the film container out of the camera and put in in your pocket?
but i got a feeling thats not going to be the case for the sake of the plot of this story.

7464356 A fair point, but it won't really matter next chapter. (Spoilers, maybe? Not risking it)

**Edit: Also, it could damage the film.

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