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Instead of terrible stories, writer created bobcat. Would not ignore again.


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wow not one mention of Spike at all how am I not surprised:facehoof:


Thanks, fixed it.

No seriously, thanks. I couldn't think of how to add him in at first but your comment gave me the idea I used.

7413943 :moustache: all in all this is actually a pretty good story I just don't like it when people just flat-out forgets Spike or act like he doesn't exist at all I just don't see why they do that


Tell me about it. I would have put him in the original draft if I could've found a place for him but he just didn't fit. He does need to be mentioned, though!
Of course, the reason why he's not there will be revealed in time...

I liked it. It's a pretty nice read, but I feel like the ending was a bit rushed, but it could be because of the one-sided conversation that we hear and if so, that's to be totally expected.

Will we get to see what happened to cause this chain of events? :o


Thanks for the critique!

And yes, I'm going to come out with the sequel. At some point.

no no no no no nononononononononono rated m or get out

That was pretty good. It felt like one of those found footage movies. If I did have a complaint it would be the ending felt a little rushed or atleast theres something missing .At first Rarity was like" Ill never be a changeling" . Then ten seconds later she was like" ok change me lets go kill Caadence". Thats a pretty big change. But sence you plan on a sequel at some point maybe the answers will be there. If not o well one of the scariest things is the unknown.


It's not that dark, is it?
No seriously, I'm asking everyone/pony/ling here. Is it really that dark? I think it is on the more mature side of T, but still T.

Thanks to everyone/pony/ling who favorited this story! There are just too many to thank individually!

I wish I had more free time to do that...

Before I read it, what is the Dark and Horror tag for ?

Paranoia, fear, hopelessness, the thought of losing friends, the thought of friends becoming monsters, and the possibility of becoming a monster. Among other things.

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