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Shock, misery, stress, and despair. That is all the newly crowned Queen Luna is feeling when her sister is killed. There is another emotion she secretly feels: guilt. But why?

Pre-readers: VitalSpark and Rated Ponystar (who also created the concept)

Proofreaders: PiercingSight and Troubleshooter

Thank you all for your input!

Check out the gorgeous coverart!

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7511391 well, I didn't think up this idea Rated Ponystar did.

7511391 Simple write one were it has Celestia as the queen and Luna is the one that has passed away.

I read this and it had me on the edge of my seat figuratively speaking of course. This was really well written and very well thought out. Loved every minute of it can't wait to see if there will be a sequel to it.

um marry twilight and have her do the paperwork,

I would love to see a sequel to this!

That won't work out, because in my story, Luna becomes so sad or depressed, whatever, that she loses her power of dreamwalking, leaving ponies to nightmares.

I wonder how Luna is going to explain her conspicuous inability to enter the Crystal Empire. After all, that barrier keeps out evil and she is most definitely evil.

Anyway, we need some Hamleting/Lion Kinging from Twilight or Flurry Heart to kill their Claudius/Scar

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You could just go ahead with the story you're writing. After all, even if it is similar to someone else's work, people write differently, you don't have to stop, keep going!

Ouch, seriously man ouch. Great story, but you really feel kinda sorry for Luna here.:fluttershysad:

I requisition a sequel for this.

How interesting.

I shall spare your surrogate daughter's life. I promise you that and I hope I can live up to that.

Poor Twilight's a dead mare walking. This Luna seems to fail in all her promises. I doubt she'll last long as Queen, at least; guilt will eat her alive in the end.

7511391 Keep on writing! Everyone has their own take on things. :twilightsmile:

You give up and turn yourself in. Or, you live with the guilt that your foolishness led to the end of Equestria as you know it, and rest easy knowing that you killed your elder sister who loved you, that not only had your kingdom's hearts, but also the *WORLD* at her beck and call.

Enjoy hell Luna. You created it. And only you can end it.

Sequal please... and I don't even like sad stories.

Yeah this needs a sequel.

...... this feels needlessly mean and really? The cheap 'OC character name is actually a secret canon character' all along? I mean REALLY? I was fine with Midnight Twinkle being an OC but if it's post Season 3 then it feels especially bad you made Trixie a villain since she literally had a redemption moment that very season.

7515999 Read the story again, and pay a bit more attention to it. I think you may have missed something.

7518626 .... okay NOW I hate the story even more for it being yet another 'Luna still is evil even after the Elements cured her' type story and SOMEHOW succeeding where she failed as Nightmare Moon which is so.... overrated.

I was liking this story until you decided to throw Trixie under the bus, but this does set up a sequel where she's on the run to try to clear her name.

I liked it, but I am unsatisfied with it ending. Not because it's a bad ending but because... Well... Both Trixie and Luna's tales are so unresolved.

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