• Published 18th Nov 2016
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The Truth Behind My Little Pony - Opium4TmassS

The places we will take you. The sights we will show you.

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“Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you any more.”

Lets all take off our masks.

CoWritten by MisterNick. Art by Maii

We are all mad here

Cowritten by MisterNick. Art by Maii

A monster isnt something disgusting. It can have a kind of beauty.

Art byMaii

You'll never grow up. You'll never grow old. You'll never get sick. You'll never die.

They see you when your sleeping. They know when your awake. They know if you been bad or good.

The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children
Cowritten with MisterNick

It's a small, small world.

Their is nothing worse than being an insect on the windshield of life.

Cowritten and cocreated with the help of MisterNick

We're gonna get you. We're gonna get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.

Cowritten and cocreated with the help of MisterNick

Friends can be found in the strangest of places if you look hard enough.

Entirely written by str8aura

A girl returns home at the invitation of an old friend.

Adults are just outdated children.

Cowritten and Cocreated by str8aura and MisterNick

At Christmas, all roads lead to Equestria

Cowritten and Cocreated by str8aura

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Comment posted by Totally_Original deleted Nov 18th, 2016

the cover art creeps the shit outta me.......:fluttershbad:

7731095 Thank you that means a lot.

This is why your on my favorite authors list. :yay:

Awesome job on this! I'm a sucker for horror, especially now more than ever, having put put own horror story out yesterday ^.^

I'm very very pleased with this~

Si... wait what? What's... so the ponies are some ancient monster and Simon was... Discord? The fuck happened? I don't understand...

7731327 Think of the MLP show as a kind of predator that watches and waits.

7731344 Ah yess..... wait no that's fucking creepy. I need more of this and another of your stories damn it! You glorious bastard!

Why isn't there a tragedy tag?

Honestly I didn't understand the whole story. Some of the characters were not that familiar to me and some of the events popped out from nowhere, even if I read the previous works. There are some good aspects like turning the show into a horror film and the interactions between characters, though.

I do rather like this story. It feels rather unfinished, but that's probably just the polishing on it.

... I do want to know who Perdy is though. Or more about her. Or just generally more of this universe.

7787502 Their is more stories coming.:pinkiehappy:

7801241 That's what I was thinking some time after I posted it, especially considering another fic, but it doesn't stay in line with the character concept - I think the 'series' is supposed to be in the same universe?

7940267 You'll have to ask MisterNick about that.

Before I read this, what is the Gore, Horror and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

Author Interviewer

I don't know why I keep reading these, but they are nothing if not utterly fascinating.

So weird, seeing a story that's creepy pasta like, but at the same time its good.

Thank you that means a lot.

Thank you it's an honor.

I mean, I have not ever been on a creepypasta website, unless you count SCP wiki, but im going to guess that most creepypastas are.. kinda bad, but this one (if you count it as a creepypasta) is good

Thank you. Although I feel as the series has progressed it has moved away from being a Creepypasta and more horror now.

I want to read this, but first I have to say that the fact that the smile in the cover picture doesn't continue onto both sides of her face disturbs me way more than it should.

R.L. Stine plot twist in the end, right? Nice Work BTW

Why does everyone love creepypastas so much? I think all the people who love "Cupcakes" just enjoy reading about Rainbow Dash getting tortured and murdered!!! This is a show 4 kids, not "Child's Play!"

This was all manners of fucked up dude. Good work. :)

This got a bad case of sequelitis. They could've been their own independent stories.

They are all different stories but they all take place in the same world. I wanted to keep them all together.

I have never seen this before. This is terrifying.

It looks like there've been some updates to the listing here? When this "chapter" gets updated, can you also date it for us?

Thanks dude. I'ma huge Halloween fan, do I caught the reference. Amy chance of an appearance from Loomis or...The Shape

I donno know yet. It depends

Ah, alright. It would be cool, but it's your story. Love the first chapter and catching up on the others now. :)

I mean I’ll try to find a way to get them in.

Ah, sweet! Thanks man. Ive been thinking about writing something here. On FimFi I mean. A MLP and SAW story.

Well, I figured they'd be siblings. I just thought the older two would be significantly olde-
Oops, did I read these stories out of order?

The stories were written in no real order. (I like to bounce around.) Although for a reference. Flutterschmooze was the beginning of everything. Happening 2 weeks before its October 10 premier.

I apparently have a lot of reading ahead of me.

lol indeeders. Hope you enjoy the ride.

The ride has been thoroughly enjoyed.

This is an overall fun concept, with excellent execution.

Thank you. There is more coming on the way.

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