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We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, ey?


In life, we understand that certain things just are and can not be changed, but what about the things that can be changed? A young filly challenges innate laws by simply throwing a ball into the sky and her conclusions are more than she expected.

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Except for one issue I have found, I say kudos for your story profound.

So as she left and no crowd remained, I questioned if my efforts were in vein.

in vain.

7395902 How did the rhyming read for you? I wondered if it'd be awkward to get though.

she's a zebra filly? most importantly, are sun, moon and stars balls that fall up towards the outer sphere, and moved by carrying them along it?

7396349 She may well be a zebra! The constant rhyming would certainly allude to that (thanks, Zecora!).

As for your question, perhaps Luna would be better suited to answer that. I mean she does arrange the night sky, so I guess she'd be the expert!

That's one thing interest what I like to read. Many theories was created by this way. Thanks for this fiction.

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