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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (and I wish the Twijack fandom wasn't dead)



My mother never cared for me. I still care about her. But this time... this time, I will have the last word. And that word will be "Goodbye"

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Will there be a shot sequel to this story?
Like to see the confroantion between Rainbow and her mother the final one.

Comment posted by Rainbow Dash_Dashi deleted Aug 24th, 2016

7507352 I was planning on a sequel, but not about the confrontation between Dash and her mom. I could write that, though.


Love to see that, as ths looks liek thsi will eb the final one between them.
Makese sense as well, seems her mother still has a hold on her dispite everything, but now Dash...can be free.

Please do a sequel!:scootangel:

Hey is it ok if i do a dramatic reading of this for my youtube channel?

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