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Death. Such a simple yet complex concept. The debates of what being dead is like; the fear of it; and being the one of the souls whom is left behind to grieve.

I never had a life. I had an existence. And then it was gone, flitting into the wind. The gods of ancient realms have forgotten the name of the Reaper, the name of the one who is left for all eternity. To exist until the last soul is cut from its earthly binds and left free to traverse the Afterlife.

It is maddening.

Part of the Insanity series.

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Comments ( 9 )

Wow, this is just... I have no words. Kudos.:twilightsmile:

I think I noticed a typo:

The grating sound of the scythe being dragged against the ground by the haft was only heard by the Reaper as he walked his solemn walk, a road he only traveled.

I believe that should be "only he". That said, great story! Have a well deserved like and fave!

7493541 Thanks for the comment and favorite, fixing that error now!

7493565 You're welcome! Thanks for writing it!

He hated how they cried out his name in anger when their family die, it was not his fault they forced him to do this.

Think it should be 'when their families died;' or put a 'for' after the comma, cuz it's still a run-on sentence otherwise. Other than that it was pretty good. I always like seeing the Reaper personified. It's an interesting question as to what Death personified would think and feel :rainbowwild:

7494532 Thanks for the correction, I didn't notice it until you pointed it out.

7495149 I think you might have missed the comma being turned into a semicolon. It doesn't really stand out very well even when bolded I suppose, so I'm not surprised if you did. That's what I was talking about with alternatively putting the word 'for' after the comma, because without one of those two changes there isn't really much transition within the sentence.

A bit too short... Maybe he could've talked with Granny a bit more. other than that, it was good. It's one of things that is good, but never got to it's full potential.

7496249 I had a very short time-frame in my writing schedule to finish this, what with the main story I'm writing on my account. I may go back in some time and edit this little thing a bit.

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