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This story is a sequel to In Good Company

While this story is set within the “In Good Company” universe, reading the previous stories is not necessary. This story is entirely self-contained.

In the wake of the Changeling Invasion, Princess Celestia may or may not have formed a secret agency concealed within the ranks and bureaucracy of the Royal Guard. Its task may or may not be: to locate, isolate and help the Royal Guard incarcerate the Queen of the Changelings for crimes against Equestria.

The agency may or may not be called simply “the Agency.” And their mission may or may not be going all too well.

Stricken with budget cuts and scrutiny thanks to what may or may not be a lack of progress on their original task, the ponies of the Agency may or may not be plunging flanks-first into a conspiracy that may or may not spell the end of harmony in Equestria as they know it.

Will the ponies of the Agency be able to save the world? I can of course neither confirm nor deny any such success or failure without Princess Celestia’s express approval.

Rated Everyone for [REDACTED]

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