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The Twilight Before the Sunset - Diamond_Emblem

Princess Luna enlists Twilight Sparkle to help her in getting Sunset Shimmer to stay in Equestria so Princess Celestia and Sunset can reunite. The situation turns out to be much more complicated.

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Next Comes the Sunset

They found Princess Celestia in the throne room, looking over a few reports. She was alone, sitting intently on her throne, adding notes or moving some aside.

The echo of their hoof steps wasn't enough to pry Celestia away from her work. She did, however, look up when Twilight and Luna arrived at the thrones and the former student said, "Ahem."

"Twilight Sparkle," Celestia said pleasantly. "It's wonderful to see you again."

Twilight didn't speak. Luna did. "Sister, I need to talk to you about Sunset Shimmer," she said bluntly with a serious expression.

Celestia glanced at Twilight, who was poker-faced. She turned to Luna. "Is there anything I can tell you about my former student?" she asked casually.

"Nothing that I don't know of," Luna said.

Celestia lowered her voice. "Are you bringing this up again?" she asked. "In front of Twilight Sparkle?"

"Didn't Twilight's mother help you deliver Sunset?" Luna asked nonchalantly. "I think she has a right to know of the Royal Daughter."

"That information stays between you and me," Celestia whispered, her eyes narrowing.

"Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked suddenly.

Luna and Celestia turned to face her. "Yes?" Celestia asked. "What can I do for you?"

Twilight pressed her lips together and sighed. "Could you tell me why you refuse to tell Sunset Shimmer the truth about her parents?" she asked. "Why won't you tell her you're her mother?"

Celestia turned to Luna with a vicious smile. "You. Told. Her?" the princess of the sun asked with her jaw clenched.

"Yes," Luna answered. "I told her everything. And Twilight is going to help reunite Sunset Shimmer with you."

"I TRUSTED YOU!" Celestia yelled, making both Twilight and Luna take a step back.

"I trusted you with my secret!" Celestia snapped. "I trusted you to keep it a secret! You had no right to tell Twilight! If I had wanted her to help, I would have told her!"

"But you don't want to tell Sunset!" Luna yelled. "I had to take matters into my own hooves! If you were going to sit where you are and go on with your life, knowing Sunset Shimmer never has a mother, I would have done something, and I did! You truly don't understand what it feels like not to have a mother!"

"You very well know I DO know!" Tia growled.

"We KNEW Mother!" Luna pointed out. "We had to leave Mother, and she didn't abandon us!"

"I gave up Sunset Shimmer because I HAD NO CHOICE!" Celestia yelled. "I did what I had to so she could be protected!"

"But now that it seems safer to tell Sunset?!" Luna demanded. "No! Are you truly going to let Sunset believe on her death bed that she never had a mother!?"

"You're being RIDICULOUS!" Celestia yelled. "This does not involve YOU! This is MY DAUGHTER we are talking about! YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER!"

"OH I DID!" Luna yelled. "This is MY NIECE we are talking about as well! Water may be sweet, sister, but blood is thicker!"

"WHAT MAKES YOU THINK " She suddenly faltered, her eyes widening. She became silent.

Luna turned her head. Twilight Sparkle sat on the floor looking stunned. She had been quiet over the yelling.

For a few moments, no pony said anything. Luna's thoughts raced in her head. On one hoof, it hadn't been right for her to tell Twilight without Celestia's permission. On the other hoof, Celestia had refused to reveal the truth to Sunset Shimmer. Celestia couldn't keep Sunset Shimmer with her because of Celestia's social status and what a Royal Daughter would do to it. But who cared about social status? Celestia had been alone for years, and when she finally had somepony to spend time with, Sunset Shimmer had to be sent away. And now, both mares still suffered from not knowing what happened to their family.

"Princess Celestia?" Twilight asked nervously.

Tia looked at Twilight. "Yes?" she asked.

"I have never heard you raise your voice before," Twilight pointed out. "This is the first time I have heard you yell. I think I know why."

Celestia and Luna stayed silent.

"You've always been so patient and kind with everypony," Twilight said, her front hooves tapping together. "But now, when bringing up Sunset Shimmer, you've become...forgive me, but a wreck. I think it's because you haven't truly dealt with losing Sunset Shimmer, and I also believe you miss Sunset Shimmer than you think you do."

Celestia was silent. Luna sized up her sister's expression and saw Tia was suddenly realizing Twilight was right.

"I don't like seeing you so upset," Twilight said, rising. "But you don't have to be. You could be with Sunset again. Sunset can come home. She can know she's had a mother who truly cared."

"A mother who truly cared would never have let her go," Celestia murmured, her head hanging.

"But a mother who truly cared would do what's best for their child," Twilight argued. "You let Sunset Shimmer go because of what it would do to her, her mother being criticized by the public and them watching Sunset 24/7. A mother who truly cared would also tell their child the truth. So if you want to be that kind of mother to Sunset, then you're going to tell her."

Celestia stared at her former student. Twilight's expression was bold, unwavering. Once she was riled up, she wasn't backing down.

"Don't just do it for Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia," Twilight said softly. "Do it for you. Do it for your sister."

Celestia faced her sister. She was wearing the same look Twilight had on, only Luna's was more tired. She had to deal with convincing Tia a first time, and then has to do it again with the help of another princess. Luna was only doing it so Celestia could be with Sunset again and so she could meet her niece.

Princess Celestia sighed. "Alright. On Sunset Shimmer's birthday, I will tell her the truth," she said at last.

"Truly, sister?" Luna asked, her face brightening.

"Only if Sunset Shimmer agrees to come to Equestria," Celestia replied. "Those are my conditions. And if Sunset ends up rejecting me, it will be your fault."

"Believe me, Princess, Sunset Shimmer will be more than happy that you were her mother this whole time," Twilight said, beaming with success.

Celestia closed her eyes for a moment. "It's around dusk," she said softly. "Dinner will be ready soon. Go on, Luna. Go on, Twilight Sparkle. Enjoy the rest of your day."

Suddenly, Tia opened her eyes. Twilight Sparkle had embraced her. "You won't regret this, Princess Celestia!" Twilight said.

Celestia hugged her back before Twilight let go. She turned to Luna. "I'll be writing to you as often as possible about the plan!" Twilight said, getting ready to teleport.

"We have much of that to do," Luna said in agreement. "Have a nice evening."

With a flash of light, Twilight teleported back to Ponyville, leaving Luna and Celestia in the throne room.

"I'll see you in a few minutes, sister," Luna said.

"Of course," Celestia said.

Luna turned and exited the throne room. Celestia sat on her throne for a few minutes. There was fear inside her, wondering what would happen after she told Sunset Shimmer of her true parentage. Rejection, loathing, hate...

But there was a small part inside of Celestia that hoped Sunset would accept her as her mother.

Author's Note:

Yay, I finished! Okay, so! The sequel to this story shall come out when I reach 100 followers, following my follower milestones. Hope you had a good read! Comment and like!

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I don't see Sunset accepting Celestia as a mother, and it no pony but her own fault.
she choose to abandon her baby for stupid reasons, wrong reasons, and she waited too long to tell her.

Sunset not a child anymore, she grown up with out a mother for so long, it's just too late.

Hope you hit 100 soon. Gotta see how their confrontation will go (hopefully well).

Must. Read. More!:pinkiecrazy:

i have a feeling sunset found out the truth on her own and thats what lead to her fall

also while i can see her forgiving celestia and such i cant see sunset returning to equestria permently her home is the human world the rainbooms her real family are there they are the ones who helped sunset at her lowest and gave her the strength to better her self

Following in 3...2...1....


I think it's because you haven't truly dealt with losing Sunset Shimmer, and I also believe you miss Sunset Shimmer than you think you do."

I think you missed somthing there. Isn't it supossed to mean: I also belive you miss Sunset Shimmer more than you think you do.

Haven’t started the sequel yet, but honestly I can only see one way where Sunset doesn’t blow up Celestia and I doesn’t come of as unrealistically sappy. Celesta should have some major inner turmoil up onto the moment she tells Sunset she is her mother, and then Sunset all too calmly replies, “I know.”

Of course she would then explain how she knows, probably something about Equestrian doubles in the mirror world. Helps explain why Sunset became worse over time. You could throw in how the elements showed her how she was loved the time if you want. etc, etc.

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