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Everybody loves Flash Sentry. Well, everybody except Flash Sentry, which is exactly why he's trying to convince everyone else to hate him while unknowingly going about his own ironic existence.

Inspired by the 'Self-loathing Flash Sentry' idea at the OC panel at BronyCon 2016 which was proposed by Razalon The Lizardman.
'Other' tag is for background EqG characters and anyone else who isn't Flash.
Don't take this story seriously and I'm totally not responsible if you're injured.
With help from ElderXelpud, who made the cover art.

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Comments ( 24 )

I was at this panel and am just happy someone decided to write this. Good on ya!

Crawling in his skin was something that spoke to him on an ironic and self-loathing personal level. He tried not to cry every time he heard it.



Yeah, this looks like the beginning of something very special.

The title alone is like wtf..... :rainbowderp:

7386243 It's a reference to a non-pony story.

7386280 *reads title* HAHAHA!!!! OK I gotcha. :rainbowlaugh:

Other than the two issues, this looks like fun.

He can't even clean shoes, enter buildings, or use stair properly and he often lies awake at night staring at the ceiling knowing that his guitar probably breaks some sort of universal laws but he simply isn't sure which ones they would be.

use stairs properly

First, it was important for Flash to come to terms with reality. Or at least parts of it. Specifically, the part that involves him crying in a closest.

crying in a closet

7386666 Thanks for spotting those! :twilightsmile:

I was at that panel too; I was the one who suggested that C.C. write this story. The fact that someone decided to write this at all makes me both afraid and delighted -- aflighted, if you will.

7387101 I'll credit you in the description. :twilightsmile:

I love the title and the cover-art you used :rainbowlaugh: 10/10

This was pretty good. :twilightsmile: A prelude on what's to come. Since I admire dark comedy to the most utmost extreme I'm very excited at the thought on what direction this story is going to take. So far, Flash Sentry isn't successful of being the most despised thing in his existence. But, gosh darn it is he going to try! ... Or fail. Can't wait to see more! :rainbowlaugh:

That Harlan Ellison reference. :twistnerd:

Oh man, how did I somehow go the entirety of Bronycon without crossing paths with you? Next time, I suppose.

7392163 I might be one of the few people who know the true origins, having read the story like a proper nerd.

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