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Hi! Name's Jackie! I love to write! Not very good at it, but that's what practice is for. I love romance, slice-of-life and comedy fics.Thanks for sticking with it!

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Off to a great start my dear, well written and thought out. Can't wait to help on chapter 2... if you'll have me again

...take that any way you want, giggity.

Ha! Giggity. I'm definitely coming to you again. <3

Lol that was awesome I cant wait to read more xD ten/ten :twilightsmile:

Really not into blood play, but the rest sounds super hot! :twilightsmile:


Thanks, guys! <3

I haven't decided how much detail I'm going to put toward it since it's an exploratory fetish for me. : P Might only be a small bit, but we'll see!

This looks like it'll be an interesting ride for Jackie... :rainbowlaugh:

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well, that was certainly good. I'm curious where this will go. have a like and a follow. :pinkiehappy:

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