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Rainbow Dash was always concentrated on getting better, faster, more agile. She never had time for stallions or mares, and both mind and body complied.

But you can't help who you fall in love with. It was just unfortunate for her that the other pony had to be Lightning Dust, and their friendship would shortly thereafter be forever severed.

Written for F* This Prompt #12: 'Rainbow Dash is a lesbian'. Thanks to Majora for proofreading.

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Comments ( 6 )

I like it, good job on the drama. Being about what it is was better than the standard prompt idea, I'll give you that :raritywink:

i like this story hope you keep up a good work.can you wright more of rainbow dash and lightening dust together?keep up a good work:twilightsmile: update soon.

Nice story! I never thought I'd ever come across a story that has the same name as one of my own.

It would have been strange to tag LD but not have her in it. Still I was hopeing Lightning would get more time in with RD.

I like it, better than I expected to be. Nice passing and development.

faded away into a dull blue and colour,

Sounds like a cocktail. I'll have a Blue and Colour, on the rocks.

letting her room’s lightning

I think you meant lighting, unless you're going for 'bottled lightning as pegasus lightbulbs'.

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