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Just a pegasister who's a huge fangirl on the inside. She follows back and would love to be your friend! (Avatar found at http://swa-oku.deviantart.com/art/Hetalia-Fan-Art-Samovar-Teatime-360787743)


Sunset Shimmer was just a normal girl at CHS. She loved to hang out with her friends and learning about friendship. But one day she got turned into a vampire. Not knowing how or she got turned or who turned her, Sunset started getting adjusted to her life as a vampire, always running into new adventures and living a thrilling excitement-filled life. Sure, she needed to drink blood and couldn't enjoy the delicacies of life, but her friends were always there for her, especially during the hard times.

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Comments ( 3 )

I think your doing a really good job!

"So I was thinking we could all go to the beach and catch some waves! It's g9onna be totally awesome!"

I think you maybe need to take another look or two at your story. Maybe get someone else to look at it too.

Anyway...this is really rushed, not terribly well written, and honestly? Vampire Sunset's already been done and done amazingly well, so I don't really see this story getting very good reception when it's up against a well-known and heavily favorited story. Not that this should in any way discourage you from continuing to write this. But please, please get help proofreading and editing your story.


Your comment isn't discouraging at all. People have been telling me it's a good idea to do this story, so I did. Thank you for taking your time to view my story.

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