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I think Twilight's best pony because I relate to her the best.


This story is a sequel to Sweet Pea

So, this one-shot series is inspired by the Royal Canterlot Family series by CartoonNerd12. Thank you by the way for letting me use your characters. I ended up being intrigued by a character of hers named Queen Love Tap, and this is the story of who she was before she became queen. I hope you enjoy.

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I. Am. Impressed! :pinkiehappy: You totally helped expanded on this character and I can't wait to see more! Well done!

You took inspiration from What Lies Within for the nightmare sequence, didn't you?:ajsmug:
Anyway, congratulations on your first story! I hope you feel inspired to write more.

I don't know if you've seen The LEGO Movie, but according to that movie, the greatest thing about LEGO is taking inspiration from other people's work to create something new. True or false: Fanfiction is LEGO for writers. :ajsmug:

7375469 Absolutely true!:pinkiehappy: I spoof a lot of things!

Okay, you seriously need more reviewers. This story is too good!

I couldn't agree more with CN12

Oh, don't worry, it's fine. Because you're right, it would have been weird if she used Celestia's name, overall, I loved every bit of it! But I was surprised that a nursemaid wasn't there to hold a baby Button Mash during the coronation, was he asleep or something? :rainbowhuh:

7562048 Yeah, sorry about that. Between Love Tap's nerves and Lincoln Log's parental pride, I just couldn't fit Button in there. Yeah, let's just say he's asleep.

That was so bittersweet! :raritycry: Guess it's my own fault for naming the queen and for giving away what her character was like so that you made her the warm and caring mother and queen she is, dang, now I'm starting to wish that I didn't make her a decease character, Button would have loved her! All and all a very sweet chapter, keep it up. :raritywink:

Well I know that there are references from the 2015 Cinderella and that poisoning could be from Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses but any other references I am unsure of. I want to say again of how well-done this chapter was and it adds a lot into the series. :twilightsmile:

7855405 Don't worry about it. I got so many ideas from so many different movies and blended them so seamlessly that even I have trouble remembering which references I used. :twilightblush: I'm kind of surprised that you didn't find Kung Fu Panda 2 though.

7855912 Shoot, I forgot about that, I guess I was so caught up in the story that it slipped my mind. :twilightblush:

Very, very good and funny.

If the other royals were there I'm pretty sure they would crack because of Spoiled's singing. Right?


SO CUTE AND FUNNY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The end of this chapter, very much like Spike's line about a talking dog as tge take away following the Rainbow of Mass Reform in tge first EQG film. I approve!:rainbowdetermined2:

Believe it or not, sailors did used to think that women and red hair were bad luck for ships.

... well there might be a reason for that, like ships with redheads actually sinking and having other problems and people, in particular sailors, are known to fall for the post hoc ergo pocter hoc logical fallicy.

A pleasant spin-off worthy to be part of the AU's canon proper.:twilightsmile::yay::ajsmug::rainbowkiss::raritystarry:

“This is going to be the longest four hours of my life,” Quibble groaned, massaging his temples.

“Wait a minute,” huffed Quibble Pants. “How in Equestria does an entire empire just vanish?”

“Here’s a crazy idea,” Quibble interjected. “Why don’t we just let him go through with his plan just this once?”

Quibble, you are the best pony in this chapter

“Never tell me the odds.”

, To quote Vader, "the Force is strong with this one.

“Welcome to the Hidden Temple,” the stone head announced suddenly, causing Quibble to yelp in surprise. “I am King Olmec. Enter if you dare for untold riches await you in the Treasure Room. Race through the temple and find the Pendant of Life for it and it alone will open the room. You have until the next sunrise to find the pendant and open the Treasure Room. If not, you will be cursed to turn to dust. The choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck.”

... my childhood :heart:, I remember that game show

Really? I don't remember Olmec threatening to turn the contestants to dust. :rainbowlaugh:

a necessary dramatic twist, but aside from that its word for word from the game show

okay is she suppost to be mulon or cinderella? im confused

It's the literary equivalent of a child taking a bunch of different LEGO sets, dumping their contents into a single giant tub, reaching into that tub, pulling out different pieces at random, and attempting to connect all those pieces into something that makes sense. That's the best way I can describe what you just read.

In other words, she's Cinderella in some ways, Belle in some ways, and someone completely different in other ways. I think I might have thrown in a little bit of Princess Sofia also when I first wrote her.

You what would have been funny, the balrog saying, "You shall not pass!" during the challenge
A very interesting change of pace and turn of events. Love the reference to Norse mythology.
Looking forward to what happens next.

Hmm, I was under the impression that most of the mythology that I borrowed from was Greek. :applejackunsure: I'm honestly not as well-versed in Norse mythology. :twilightsheepish:

The Dwarven smiths at the armory and the back and forth between them is very similar to the brothers Brokkr and Eitri

What dwarven smiths? The only ponies with dialogue in the armory were Love Tap and Punch. If you mean Argentum and Cupric, Argentum is the court wizard and Cupric is his apprentice, and they weren't in the armory. They were in "an undisclosed location."

huh... well I guess it's from what I have read that gave me that point of view

I was an honor and privilege to read this. I hope to see more of your works in the future, be they other entries of the Canterlot Royal Family series or independent works.

You're not the only author to use Faust as a mild oath. Even the royal sisters say "Thank Faust".

I've heard about the women at sea bringing bad luck. Watch the movie "Yellowbeard". They have a skit about it part way through.

Well, well, well... I must say that I really regret... I didn't read this series earlier! :pinkiegasp:
I really like this story and development of the characters. Especially king Cinnamon Swirl. There was just a little of him in RCF before that, and after that one I could say i really like him. I also liked Love Taps interaction with her father :raritywink:

And i find choose of the song quite funny(even if the scene itself still is a little bit sad)... especially considering that orginally it was sing by a little child from a little villege, and there we have full grown mare with a child, who's being prepared to take the crown from the beginning.
I wonder were to put this song on Royal Canterlot Playlist... well considering no song happen earlier in the story i think at the beginning.

Yeah that's true... I personally took a few inspirationt from the RCF series... like some names for historical figures (Whirl Wind, Gemstone, Fire Spark... and most probably some more) or the fact that i too have tropical island called Marendelle... and I think borrow names of royal couple too :scootangel: (though Love Tap won't be Button's mom... I called his mom Victoria Mareheart)

5 songs!? :pinkiegasp:
And to think I was wondering if this series would be so much musical like the other stories...

This chapter was great too. I especially liked those two parts:

He knew better than to be so paranoid, but he couldn’t help but sense that his daughter may be attracted to this stallion that neither of them even knew.

“So, what are you doing in the library, princess?” asked Cinnamon Swirl before he mentally slapped himself for asking such a ridiculous question.
“Well, most ponies call it reading,” answered the princess, “I call it looking through my little windows to the outside world.”

I really laughed at that:rainbowlaugh:
Well, that wasn't the only funny or good part, but that was most memorable for me. The part with "making bets in such condition" or heraing about knocking was funny too.
And I liked the way Love Tap get rid of that Blueblood relative:rainbowlaugh:

Though I'm surprised, that Cinnamon Swirl didn't realised that this beggar was actually Punch in disguise.

And fun fact: Scarlet Plume kind of remind me one of my character - Scarlet Sword. Mainly because they both are kinda harsh and rough... and could be very dangerous when made mad:pinkiecrazy: And of course they share first part of the name... and well Sword and fencing are kind of related:trollestia: though Scarlet Sword is a battle mage, not a fencer (though still, one of her favourite battle spells are energetic sword, which she use like in fencing so...)

“If you blockheads can find me a stallion that can get me to lighten up, I’ll marry him, but since I’ve determined to stay single forever, you will all ultimately fail.”

Wait a second.. she said that they don't find stallion that lighten her up because she is determined to stay single forever? That make no sense! And she isn't related to Discord or any other Draconequus as far as I know...

I also don't get why she blushed when asked if she is Cinnamon girlfriend if she isn't...

And I recall finding some little mistake in that chapter but I can't find it anymore... (I've read it on my phone) or was it just this strange Scarlet's statement? I'm not sure anymore...

The blush was more out of embarrassment than attraction. Think of it this way, how would you feel if people assumed that you and your sibling were married? Also, when Scarlet says that her friends will ultimately fail to find her a stallion that can get her to lighten up, she's basically saying that she is willing herself to never fall in love. I hope that clears things up.

I'm pretty sure all of my stories have mistakes that I was just too lazy to fix. :twilightsheepish:

Well, when You put it that way...
And well, that maybe clears things up, but doesn't change the fact, that her statement make no sense. I don't get why she put it in such inlogical way.
There's no point in saying "I'll marry him of You find somepony who..." and then saying she anyway doesn't marry anyone, and reason from that, that they won't find such a stallion. She actually negate herself in that statemant!

And that's not good to be to lazy to fix mistakes... I know I'm in no position to tell You what to do, but I always treat any fanfiction like still living art. I mean it's newer to late to change something for the better(not like in printed books for example).
And my experience taught me, that correcting own work is so much important as writing itself if You want to become good writer.

I'm not saying You're a bad writer, but You always can be better one. Like literally everyone.

Well... if we go further with this LEGO-metaphor... I think I can say I'm some kind of collector... I watch many different sets and - instead of put it in one tube and pulling pieces at random - watch them carefully, and pick the ones that will make good addition to my (at least supposedly) great construction... and I just find a few good elements:pinkiehappy:
That gave me an inspiration to a few historical event in my MLP universe:twilightsmile:

And I really like the final of Love Tap's oral report.

I wonder if Spoiled Milk purposedly sings to make them suffer or not:pinkiecrazy:

And the story of Queen Bejeweled was quite fun to read too :pinkiehappy: (Diamond Dogs really are idiots...:pinkiecrazy:)
That's also great addition to universe history.

Fangirling Daring Do wasn't funny... she was hillarious! :rainbowlaugh:
And this all comparision to princesses :rainbowlaugh:

And was...

“You don’t even know how to fight with that,” one thug pointed out.
“I know it’s heavy.”

A Spy Kids refference?:raritywink:


(smoke comes off my head and eyes unfocused)
:pinkiesmile:I think you broke phantom but dont worry he will be fine.

How did I even do that? I don't get it...

um... its just a joke you had a long description so i made a joke with it now do you understand?

I know it was a joke... my asnwer wasn't supposed to be very serious either.
I just don't know about what that joke was actually... and... well my description don't seem really long for me...

Lord of the Rings refference that was surprising... and the way they defeat balrog... was a refference to this how Wawel Dragon was defeated?

I honestly hadn't even heard of that story. I just needed a clever way to make sure Love Tap and Punch lived. :twilightsmile:

Well... the way they defeat balrog was almost the same... just in case of Wawel Dragon (from one of most known Polish fairy tales) it was faked sheep and it wasn't filled with hipnotic grapes but with... well I don't remember exactly what, but the point was to make him so thirstly he would drink so much water from the river that he would burst (I know that's not very realistic but hey, it's fairy tale after all). What also was depicted as "clever way" after many knights try to beat him unsuccesfully.
After read how Love Tap and Punch defeat balrog - and considering how many fairy tales refference there are generally in this universe, and one of the Author Sisters mentioned some of the Polish fairy tales while wondering of source of inspiration to one of the next instalment (it was with 8th I think... so that would mean it was KidAtHeart, but I'm not sure) - this association immediately come into my mind.

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