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This story is a sequel to Twilight Plays a Strategy Game

After her last encounter with a video game, Twilight hasn't been all that enamoured with them. But, one day, she reveals to Spike that Sunset had tried to encourage her to try her hoof at a different type of game

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Aww... I was waiting to see what would happen before Twilight shut the computer down, but oh well.

Looks like they're going to have very interesting nightmares.

So, Five Nights at Freddie's and Silent Hill? I can get behind that.

While I would hold judgement on the latter game-could be good, could be bad, didn't see enough to really judge it-the first is exactly like so many horrible horror games that rely solely on jump scares.

So, another fun addition to Twilight playing video games.

Frankly, I'm hoping she finds at least one that she can enjoy. Maybe some type of adventure based visual novel? I can see a bit of a choice based game where the only interactive elements are certain choices being right up Twilight's alley.

I could also see her liking certain RPGs, although considering she's lived the life of a hero it might not be to her taste. Then again, some are wonderful for their plots alone.

-sees title- this better not be another fnaf crossover.
-reads first part- god dammit.
-reads second part- meh, im ok with silent hill

If she has net connection somehow I'd say an fps next. If there is a next time

i wonder if sunset will be THAT girl and give them the flash drive with a virus game on it...
sonic.exe comes to mid.

Here, Spike frowned, shaking his fist at the screen.
"Stop doing that!"
"BOO!!!" the bear continued.
"No!" Spike demanded.
"I'M SCARING YOU!!!" the bear insisted.
"Badly!" Spike added.


Sweet another one! Oh how about you have Twilight get a 3DS and a pokemon game and from the gist of what she hears decides to have Fluttershy play it?

Or what about a dating sim or one of those eroge game things?

Sounds more like Slender than Silent Hill to me.

Have Twilight play an M.M.O, or a Dark Souls like game, I bet the reaction would be priceless.

While I'm disappointed that you chose FNAF, I guess Silent Hill was ok to make up for it, even if I never played it. Honestly, one of the better horror games imo is Alien: isolation. I watched a let's play and it felt like the person was being hunted instead of waiting for jump scares.

"BOO!!!" the bear continued.
"No!" Spike demanded.
"I'M SCARING YOU!!!" the bear insisted.
"Badly!" Spike added.

Yo, Springtrap, can you do this thing properly?

Who is a good serial killer? you are, you are! :twilightsmile: :pinkiecrazy:

7394466 Yes! This would be freaking great! Twilight Plays Dark Souls!

Are you kidding? Dark Souls is a rage inducing game because there's no level of difficulty setting, it thrusts you into a world that solely out to tear you a new one. The only way to not make it hard is to play the games that preceded it, but if you're new to it, the game will make you so mad you might destroy the gaming consol.

I know, and since she doesn't know the motto, Sunset should put on a note: "If at first you don't succeed, then die (innumerable) again."

Twilight plays Zort. A text-based adventure game would be right up her alley. The whole time Spike would be bored out of his mind and comment that only Twilight would enjoy a game like that. And Twi would give him a "choose-your-own-adventure" book and he would love it.

7394672 observant with quick reflexes, and in the (paraphrased) words of Yahtzee, get as close to the Boss's Scrotum as you can while learning when they're charging for the quintessential "butt-slam/foot stomp" attack.

Beyond that, even, if you can get a couple white phantoms or Sun Bros summoned in to help out the games become almost stupidly easy, barring dieing from your own stupidity (IE, like how I fell through the rope bridge leading to Undead Purgatory in DS2 because I was paying more attention to switching my hotkey items.:facehoof:)

Unfortunately for Twilight, no internet in Equestria means that doing summoning would be pretty much impossible, but on the other Hoof, it also means she wouldn't get invaded by any Dickwraiths...

True, but still not all things are easily observable, especially when you have enemies attacking you and there just so happens to be a trap directly in front of you. However, Mortal Kombat X I think will make Twilight vomit due to the gratuitous use of gore, and violence, which I think will be hilarious!

Thankfully they know Luna who will hopefully help them ease their nightmares.

What's up next? An RPG? A shooter?
If it's a shooter, make sure it's Doom. Because you can't have too much gore in a game of that calibre :rainbowlaugh:
Or good old Duke Nukem. Innuendos everywhere!

Twilight Sparkle should play Outlast: Whistleblower. Now that is horror and she could meet Eddie GLuskin XD she would have to cover Spike's eyes to shield him from what that lunatic does.

Is an RPG next in line?

Oh dear lord, you'd have thought Twilight would have learnt the first time about human games...:facehoof: She should so play a shooter next and see what online multiplayer is like. Ponies finding out about that never gets old...:rainbowlaugh:

One word: UNDERTALE.

are you going to do an fps game next time? if so, then do Overwatch/TF2/CS:GO/BO2 or something like that

Smash Bros. Smash Bros. SMASH BROS!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. Fnaf. I couldn't take that crap seriously after the first time seeing Foxy run down the hallway. I don't understand why that game has a fandom.

I think these vignettes are a little short for an rpg. But, Undertale would be awesome.

"Sunset, you... you IDIOT! You made me cry..."


7394469 I haven't even finished that game yet. I'm sure one of these days I'll be brave enough to get out of this damn locker.

My suggestion for Twi to play: SOMA. So good, and she'll have identity crisis for the rest of her life :rainbowlaugh:

Sadly no one is asking the real question here:

How it is even possible for Pinkie Pie to run out of sugar?

I enjoy the series, Twilight playing games is a fun premise.

That said, I find your criticism of FnaF to be unfair as it ignores what FnaF does well; Pacing.

The first game, at least, piles dread on you on a constistant basis, increasing the tension as you try to avoid getting jumpscared. Since the point is to avoid getting jumpscared and you can actually go through the whole game without getting jumpscared once. By the end, your a muttering, nervous wreck without getting jumpscared once.

...the rest of the games make it too much, however. Even number three, which reduces them from a game over to a nuisance, for the most part.

Silent Hill is meh, in my opinion.

I'd love for Twilight to play an RPG next! Undertale is the first thing that pops in my mind, but seeing the
massive hype backlash from the internet, I doubt that's going to happen. Plus, I imagine that most people either dislike it or are sick of it by now, and I understand that most people wouldn't want to drag around the remnants of a dying fad back around. Maybe a more well-known one, like Pokemon or Fire Emblem: Fates?

That said, I really liked this sequel! It was entertaining and enjoyable to read.

I'm really liking the idea behind these stories! Maybe have Twilight play a loud and flashy FPS, like Call of Duty. I think she'd be utterly baffled and confused, and I'd love to see that.

Make them play Depression Quest.

How about having twilight play some form of heavily modded RPG.

Give them either the modern warfare series or BO series from cod, that would be funny:rainbowlaugh:

Twilight plays GTA V? her reaction to Trevor would be hilarious

7397790 Resident evil type of guy then? Or just don't like horror.

That title and name sold me right at home. I'll be reading right away, but after a quick thought; how about making this into a series? Call it 'Twilight Plays', and every episode would be 'A x Game'. (X = game genre) It's kind of like my own series Pinkie Gets, pretty much. And, no, I'm not telling you this just to advertise... entirely.:twilightsheepish: I enjoyed the Strategy Game one, and can't wait to see a Horror game, and thought 'hey, I would wanna follow that'.

After reading this Yes, yes, yes! I really do want more! That was freaking cute, do more! Do more!

I'm kind of waiting for her to hit one she likes.

"What time is it?"

"Six A.M."

"...What day is it?"

As for next game suggestions... well, we don't want her to find one she actually likes, so I'd say DOOM 4. Or maybe Bro Force?

"Are you trying to make me hate video games?"

"No, I just take after our mentor more than you do." :trollestia:


Neither, actually. I prefer Alien: Isolation. :)

EDIT: For the most part, though, Horror isn't my thing. You would be right about that.

7400745 I've yet to try it :/ looks amazing though.

I think she'd love old-school RPGs like Baldur's Gate, or even the newer Pillars of Eternity. All those menus, stats and micromanagements needed would get her wings a-flutterin'!

Though, now that I think about it, since the gameplay for those games is based around D&D, maybe she should introduce Shining Armor to them....

Heh, they need to send her "The Stanley Parable".
And then after her mind is reduced to pudding, "I am Bread". :trollestia:

Horror games are only fun to me when I'm watching someone else's let's play of it. It's funnier to just hear them get scared by the stuff happening. Especially Geoff from Achievement Hunter/ RoosterTeeth. :rainbowlaugh:

i like this story, and the FNAF reference was kinda funny for an alicorn that never knew FNAF, and overall it's good. keep up the good work!

She too was concerned, but kept her eyes on the screen, as the sounds grew loud enough for her to realise that it had now gone from walking to running. The unseen foe was approaching at high speeds now, and seemed to be almost upon them, with their steps perfectly timed with Twilight's breathing. Then, just as it looked as if they were about to be full-on rushed by this thing, Twilight blinked, and shut the whole computer down.

Twilight's a wooooossy.

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