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Daring Do goes to retrieve an ancient artifact. It is a journey of danger and darkness, that many embark on but few return from. And Daring braves it fiercely.

Naturally, she does so in the most awesome way possible. Just not as awesome as Rainbow Dash. But nearly.

Trigger alert: Contains DaringDash or whatever the hell it's called. I'm driving this ship harder than the Titanic. The fact that it sank should be absolutely irrelevant.

Written for the twelfth F*** This Prompt contest. It contains lesbian Rainbow Dash, so there.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

I don't know what to think, but it's readable. Have an upvote to get this ball rolling.

Buh, wha, huh?

7371443 Excellent point.

Now shower me with praise. :raritywink:

Dafuq did I jus read?


I had a horrible feeling for the first half of this. There was two ways this could go: either it was Rainbow Dash's horrible fanfiction, or this was just horrible fanfiction. I'm glad it was the former rather than the latter.

The sap level is over 9000%. Too bad it's not maple syrup.

Oh god the bad writing. Really, Dash should learn first how not to write, because DAMN. Have a like, just don't make us read this again! :rainbowwild:

7380124 Meh, if she did know how to write, you would be ribbing me for her being out of character.

God help me.

Aaaa, that was great.

Rainbow Dash's greatest literary tour de force since Daring Do and the Wonderbolt Threesome.

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