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A pile of meat and chemicals.


Princess Twilight Sparkle is in need of a unique armor design for when she eventually has a royal guard of her own. Seeking assistance with the royal blacksmith of Equestria, Twilight learns how important both honor and art are to a traditional metal worker.

A gift written for ZetaR02 featuring her original character Mecana Ironhooves.

This is a non-profit fanfiction created for entertainment purposes only. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro and its affiliates. Mecana Ironhooves character created by ZetaR02. Please support the official release.

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Some time later the halls of Twilight's castle held more than the normal pair of inhabitants. Rarity, the unicorn with the glistening white coat and purple mane was walking along side her friend Applejack. An Earth Pony with a dusty purple coat and blonde mane covered by a cowboy hat. The two couldn't look any further apart from each other in terms of outward appearance but they found much common ground in their friendship together. Since they'd both taken a break from their jobs the two decided to visit Twilight to see if she'd enjoy stepping out for lunch. Though this task was more difficult than it used to be when she lived in the library.

Applejack, an Earth pony(you know, you don't need to describe them unless you need to run up the word count. You didn't even describe AJ correctly; i.e. dusty purple coat)

You might not know it from looking at her, but Applejack was the owner of one of these thrones.

Applejack-bashing, eh?

I don't see how Twilight would actually acquiesce and allow herself to be troubled by fancier armor when she delegated that to another and still has that pile of scrolls to worry over. You'd think she'd actually relish them as challenges/tasks that were given by Celestia.

Some of us don't make armor for 'fun', your highness. For some of us this is all we do.

Yet, if it takes a day to make and there isn't much of a need for it then how does one make a living out of it? Also, she's terrible for ignoring a Princess who is also her customer. That's a bit over the top for clumsy.

I understand that this OC is from another and I have no idea if that is indeed her characterization.

For formating, it might have been easier on readers to make several chapters instead of one.

I love it!!:heart:
The only think that made me smash this phone is when Rares and Twi doesn't want to listen to Applejack about the armor....:ajbemused:

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