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I am an Anti-Brony, I hate MLP, so why am I here? Read this...! https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/769267/if-im-an-anti-brony-why-am-i-on-this-site


Twilight is asked to foal-sit her niece, Flurry Heart while Cadance and Shining Armor attend a conference. Twilight swears as Flurry's aunt to look after her without relying on too much help from her friends, which soon takes it's toll on her.

Things then go from bad to worse when Flurry escapes out the window, now Twilight has to do whatever she can to get that baby back!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 27 )

Spike can be quite the foal controller.

I wonder if having a "baby" dragon with magic resistant scales can make foal sitting easier...


don't know, and don't care, THIS FIC IS GARBAGE!!!


doesn't change that this fic is trash!

Yeah, I really don't think someone shouting quiet at the top of their lungs would work on a baby and make it got to sleep. Actually, I'd dare say it would just make the baby start crying again out of fear.


Doesn't matter... the fic is trash

Why'd you add 'A fic I extremely hate' to the title? If you doubt the quality maybe you should read through it again.


It's a plain my little pony fic, about friendship love, harmony, none of my starfleet stuff... therefore it is worthless!

People keep mocking and scolding me for the way I write fics, well this is made to prove I CAN make a normal MLP fic, but don't like to, and that I won't tolerate positivity and good remarks on such things I dislike. I'm sorry but that's how it is.

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Comment posted by Ice Star deleted Jul 4th, 2016

Even Flurry Heart taking a liking to Spike.

It was an adorable moment for Spike and Flurry Heart.


I thought I had demanded for no good comments!


Your behaviour is... odd, to say the least.


what would you prefer, that I LIE to people?


Well, I do not think anyone forced you to write this. Or, judging from a deeper look at your comments, userpage, and bio, be on this site either. Better yet, nothing and no one is compelling you to stay, nothing but your stubbornness in perpetuate a goalless crusade against the fandom. You came here with the intention of end the personal attacks, but you only managed to spread your infamy even further.

Look and behold.

You should consider this endeavor lost, retreat with what is left of your dignity from this site, change handle and go forth in creating original content elsewhere. Who knows, maybe you do have some literary talent and you will have the last laugh over all your critics and the "immposters." Although, given how you are reacting to people and what I can see inside your stories, it is more likely that you will be chewn and spat out anywhere with a modicum of standard of professionality and writing capabilities.

Comment posted by DakariKingMykan deleted Nov 23rd, 2016

What, no torturing Twilight? No maiming or killing Flutterheart, slowly or otherwise? Wow, no wonder you hate writing this fic. You didn't even TRY to make it a hatefic.


Precisely... This fic was made to show those... so-called other people... that I CAN make normal MLP fics without all my Starfleet and suffering inserted... I just don't like to do it!


There can be only one word to describe this story


FINALLY... someone gets it! (This fic is awful)

...Not sure what I expected when I decided to read this.

It was.... bad? terrible? incredibly underwhelming?
How do I explain it. The story itself isn't bad, it's some cute slice of life story and it's got the story elements to make something decent.

The execution of it... Well, reading this was a chore. that's the tough part to explain. I'm assuming trying to give writing lessons would be a big failure on my part so I'll avoid giving any technical details.
But, I felt nothing. Like, when I read stuff I like, or watch stuff I like. I don't just read or watch. I'm imagining it, feeling it, living it. I'm completely caught up and I lose track of time and my surroundings.
This fic did nothing like that. It felt shallow, flat even. you know, like if a person spoke in the same monotone voice, never changing their rhythm, never stopping, slowing down or speeding up, not even for punctuation.

I don't want to seem insulting, but if I had to sum this fic in one word, the only word I can think fits would be amateurish. Still, that's not bad enough in my opinion to justify a thumb down.


It's not a little of one thing or a little of another. It's either all good or all bad, and i say it's ALL BAD.

-It's a normal MLP fic without my Starfleet stuff
-It's a normal ep of Twilight exactly how she would behave (which I already can't stand)
-In the end, everything works out for her.


You seem to be focusing on the story. Fair enough, You're entirely free to hate it. It is your creation.

Seems my explanation wasn't understood... how do I make it clearer...

Let's try this: form versus content.
Sorry if I repeat things you already know btw. Content is the story. In here, as you said the content is:
-A normal MLP fic without your Starfleet stuff.
-A normal ep of Twilight acting very close to how she would behave (allow me this difference of opinions, thank you!).
-In the end, everything works out for her.

My comment had very little about the content. It was entirely about form. Form, at its most basic, is quite simply, using real words, making sentences and proper punctuation (I did say I could repeat things you already knew. Bear with me please).
But, there's more to it than that. It's like, when two different persons tell the same story. One will still seem better than the other, because person A managed to better act the dialogues, or describe things in a way that made you feel as though you were there, or even as though you were one of the characters (most likely the protagonist in that case). Person B told the same story, but, maybe he wasn't so good, maybe he couldn't do the voices or describe the places or what happened properly, but the story didn't feel very interesting.

There's more to a story than just the story. It's also about how it's told.

Well we can agree (despite I would believe you when you can make a normal fix)that you deserve to write a hate fix after this

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