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Jade Ring

Ph'nglui h'wgah'nagl ph'nglui Florida, Jade Ring ahaimgr'luhh horse aimgr'luhh.



This story is a sequel to Today, I Marry My Best Friend

It has been one year since Lyra and Bon Bon said "I do."

One year since the happiest day of their lives.

Today is their first anniversary as mare and wife... and it also might be their last.


Written on a whim to celebrate the one year anniversary of one of my favorite stories.

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Comments ( 38 )

Alright, that was adorable. xD


Clever girl indeed.

I saw your picture, and I saw the title and I thought you meant YOU wanted to murder YOUR wife and I had a moment of panic "JADE! NO! You can't type that! It'll be evidence! Oh wait its a new story! Oh.... that makes a lot more sense"

What the hell man!? They literally just got married yesterday! Jesus Christ!

On a pogo stick!

While riding a bicycle somehow!

7363892 well, you're talking about jesus, so he could do that on water too.

7365802 And he died for YOUR sins too.

Very bad brony. Go to the corner and no party cake for you.

You are a terrible person.

Absolutely, inexcusably terrible.

Are you- and I ask this as a heterosexual male to whom I assume is a fellow male- single?

7365812 *takes cake and goes to corner* SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE GREEN HAIR!!!

7365910 Envy. Pride. Green. Willpower.


7366081 Get back here! Earth needs you!

7365813 Happily married for five years, actually.

7366459 You bloody hero...

7367143 Ever thought of appearing in a video, Hal Jordan?

7367191 The suit was animated. it was terrible.

7367191 Chaps, I'll politely ask you to keep the comment section story focused, say thank-ya.


No problem, Jade Ring.

So, Hal Jordan, what did you think of Lyra and Bon Bon in this story? Do you think their wedding ring was a Jade Ring or a Green Lantern ring? Also, I thought the idea of Bon Bon wanting to murder Lyra was as hilarious as Hal Jordan's animated suit in the movie.

7368451 Why yes, it was! Quite the prank, I say!

7369403 I liked the first story where Lyra and Bon Bon got married. I think this was a dark twist of a sequel to continue from that nice story.

Also, I liked the part where Hal Jordan got his Green Lantern ring from that dying alien. That was pretty cool too and I think the author wrote that part of the story really well. (knowing wink to you)

7369478 Well, I for one can get behind a good story like that.

7369697 No no no, you are doing it wrong. See, you have to say something about his story, and THEN you can talk to me, alright? You have to disguise your comment as a comment on Jade Ring's story before you can slip in a conversational comment towards me. That's how you trick these writers. At least until they lose interest in their stories or fall into the trap and start writing clopfics.

Which I hope Jade Ring never does because if he does I will hunt him down and murder him in his sleep. We don't need another porn writer in this fandom.

But I know he won't so I shall support his work. But you need to disguise your comments properly.

Speaking of which, I really enjoyed the second and third and fourth paragraphs of this tale. Really nicely written.


Which I hope Jade Ring never does because if he does I will hunt him down and murder him in his sleep. We don't need another porn writer in this fandom.

(Nervous chuckling as I nudge highest rated Equestria Girls clopfic on FIMFiction under the rug.)

7369874 Oh, you f**ker! How stupid are you to go and say that after I followed you, you idiot!?

7369879 Because I'm not ashamed of anything I've written. I'm a Jack of all trades, boyo. Comedy, romance, horror, erotica... I write 'em all.

7369909 Well...at the very least I admire your honesty.

You can keep the Follow and your life. For now.

I enjoyed the follow-up. Thanks for writing!

For some reason when I saw the title I was imagining a story akin to Mr. and Mrs. Smith where you had two married secret agents/assassins trying to kill each other until they start making out.

7363892 actually, since it´s their annyversary, they´ve been married for a year.
and since they ARE married, they can do whatever they want as long as they don´t hurt each other.

this is basically me and my boyfriend. and I´m okay with that.

7652792 True, true, true.


I give them a week before kitchen knives come out.

Cute, but I wouldn't have minded seeing the possible shenanigans to arise from the other activities Lyra mentioned. Feels like it's done, but... it could be MORE done.

Can't be too healthy, in the long run, aye?:rainbowderp:

Oh the life of married couples

Unless one of them is into that. In which case, they totally can live out their dominatrix fantasies now that they are married. I REGRET NOTHING!

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