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The middle child of 17 children, I was born on a farm in a little town in Thuringia, East Germany in the year 1985. I served in the Bundeswehr for 10 years, and now live in the USA with my wife.


For most of his adult life, he'd gone by the name of Spitzer. An apt name, really. It was what his friends called him, and really it was what he preferred to go by anyways. But thirty years ago he'd gone by another name - a name given to him from birth and one that he was more than glad to have destroyed and buried. But without Silver Spurs there would be no Spitzer. After all a man is shaped by his childhood, and the childhood of Silver Spurs was... interesting, for lack of a better word.

These are but a few of the seminal moments within the life of Silver Spurs - a pony who just didn't feel at home within the town of Ponyville... or any place, for that matter.

Chapter 1: The Strange Child Dreams.
Silver Spurs dreams of a life outside of his hometown.

Chapter 2: Silent Night, Holy Night.
Spitzer experiences what amounts to a Christmas Miracle during a bloody war.

Chapters (2)
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