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That went to a stupid place.

7355675 Sorry you didn't like it. Shrugs.

Wow. That was...chilling! Did NOT see that coming...

I love it when stories surprise me! I freaking love that "Ohhhhh shit" moment! Wonderful Story. :pinkiehappy:

Holy...shit. So, let me see if I got this straight: in this universe, Celestia secretly has an organization that forces ponies to be happy...whether they want to be or not? They are then brainwashed (or surgically altered...[shudder]) into working for the very same organization that kidnapped them?!

Dear GOD this is dark and deep...

Oh, and as one who suffers from depression myself, I understand your pain. Still do.

I was writing from a dark place so yeah, it hits close to home. Thanks for reviewing!

Shit, this got dark. I think I suspected something was off, but I didn't really see that end coming. Kinda frightening. So glad this isn't really canon. I'd hate to see this become a reality.

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