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Jack and his girlfriend Emily are playing Endless Legend with their kids when they are transported as Jack's chosen faction, the Drakken, and must now learn to live in their new home while building their kingdom as well.

Little do they know that they aren't the only faction in Equestria.

Teen for cursing and medium-low gore.

Endless Legend crossover.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 6 )

A good Start!
I love Endless Legend and the Drakken fraction but it seems a bit rushed because no one I knew would slimply accept that the Race change and that they somehow landed in a Cartoon land.
The last thing I have to say, is to your Interpretation of Spike. I understand it so, that he is a Soldier and at such would die to protect his Land, in his place I would not bring the person who declare himself a Emperor, or King, but I think a Empire would have an emperor, in my Village, you understand what i mean ?
With best Wishes

Thanks for the feedback and in this Equestria Spike respects Royalty, and the fact that he's dating Dragonlord Ember.

It's a Point, but I don't think 'Malygos' can count as Royalty , because he labled himself as

Malygos the Great, king of the soon to be Drakken Empire

which says that has no Empire at the moment, right ?
By the way, I love the pairing Spike x Ember

7490058 That is a good point so I think I might edit that.

I'm not sure about this. It has potential to be great or te something totally bad.

Good to see an Endless Legend story on here, but I gotta say the Darkken are not exactly the most interesting faction you could've picked(nor are they actually that good(unless the rest of the family was shit at the game, I'd doubt the Drakken player would really win.)).I would've recommended going with something like The Broken Lords instead. Your punctuation is also somewhat off. I'd recommend using commas a bit more often, for example. As someone already said earlier, the characters also seem to be much too accepting of being sent into magical ponyland as members of a fictional videogame race. Avoid using acronyms and netspeak like "W.T.F!" in the future as well, they don't really have a place in stories such as this in my personal opinion.

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