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Sweetie Belle's having a pleasant dream, but when Princess Luna unexpectedly enters, her night becomes a lot more uncomfortable.

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Pretty cute story. I enjoyed it.

Hillbe #2 · Jul 1st, 2016 · · 10 ·

:unsuresweetie: Twilights brother ! Shining's doin my sister? In your dreams!

:unsuresweetie:Oh the little Purple one.....In his dreams!

:unsuresweetie: Well duh everypony knows that! My dreams?

:unsuresweetie: Wake up - wake up - wake up - wake up!

:trollestia: Drunk again?

This is a really cute story that, while short, puts most things I've written to shame. It's great. The highlights to me were Sweetie playing in the grass and eating a flower (soooooo cute~) and Luna's various ways of messing up Celery's Celestia's name.

I award you a mustache. :moustache:

What prompted this? I have no idea what I just read... oh well, it was funny.

I was expecting a wet dream, followed by 'the talk' from Luna, but then I noticed the lack of a sex tag.

Your idea was better.



I giggle'd the whole way.

I kept picturing Luna as a drunkass dope, and Sweetie, all scared and kawaii:pinkiesad2: The story is excellent!

lol Drunk Luna, I needed this in my life XD

...You...haven't been watching Rick and Morty perchance, have you?

Huh, you know I never thought of something like this happening. Now I'm wondering what'd happen if Celestia was Drunk while raising the Sun. That would be hilarious.

Also now Sweeties Wondering how long before she wakes up from her own dream because she can't relax in said dream. THat's some serious inception shit right that.

7353204 No idea why you got five downvotes, but I like the idea of Sweetie Belle having to deal with all the runken royals in her dreams.

Comment posted by Kabelsalad deleted Jul 1st, 2016

7355250 Can I steal your drunk Celestia idea for a story I'm working on? :trollestia:

This was adorable


Have a ball, long as I'm mentioned.

7355630 Thank you :trollestia: and don't worry, I'll give you credit for the idea :pinkiesmile:


Will do, let me know when you put it up

7355308 Hillbe Haters Club? The HHC? :unsuresweetie: I need to have a long talk next Twilight time...:duck::moustache:

:twilightoops: Who's drunk?

On the upside, Luna probably won't remember a thing of this in the morning.

On the downside...Sweetie Belle inevitably will. :rainbowlaugh:


Now I'm wondering what'd happen if Celestia was Drunk while raising the Sun. That would be hilarious.

Maybe that's why the Royal Guards didn't look more concerned when Twilight tried raising the sun. They've seen the sun do that before.


Perhaps, or given what Discord caused, having a half sun half moon seemed like a minor issue.

Sweetie looks so cute in that pic :rainbowkiss:

A one-joke story, but a fairly adorable and funny joke, so good job.

Boy, if I had a nickle for every time this happens to me... I wouldn't have any nickles... God I'm poor.

Todays Luna was cast by Rick from Rick 'n morty

And this is why you shouldn't drunkpone.

"Yeah yeah yeah, I'm good!" the Princess laughed, sitting down next to the filly, "Jus' came from some big party ol' Celery was havin'..." She burped and covered her mouth with a hoof, making a grossed-out face for a moment. "Heheh... Celery..."

Go home, Luna. You're drunk.

UniqueSKD wants a hug!


Good sir you should be getting the noble prizes and whatever they give people you make amazing things.

7356697 *slaps him" good day sir!
(i know i already commented on this story but i had to)


Why's th wurld spinnin'? Stop spinnin'.


The Sun's gone rogue! *mass panic*

No comedy tag?

Oh, Sweet Celestia. That was great. :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Sweetie's been drunken-dreamjacked. :rainbowlaugh:

This is why Cookie Crumbles founded Mothers Against Drunk Dreamwalking.

Had a good laugh with this one! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Really mad my day today!

Oh my god, what did I read?! :rainbowlaugh:

I kind of wish there was an epilogue that detailed what happened when Luna became sober again.

Wow. There's something you won't see everyday: a drunk moonbutt! A fun and decently written short story.

7355838 Should be a fiction. Sweetie belle has to deal with drunk people.


:unsuresweetie: That's nice dear. Here's some coffee.

Well this...I'm having a da fugh did I just read moment right now. And I'm loving it so much. I found this quite entertaining. Ahh you don't see drunk Luna all that often. Come to think about it you don't see drunk pony stories all that often. Everyone knows drunk ponies are best ponies(as long as they're not mean drunks). Someone should rectify this injustice to pony kind at once.

Anyway good story I found it cute and entertaining.


I read all of luna's lines in Rick Sanchez's voice.

I'd love to see more of this. Oh well.

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