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Son of Princess Luna. A Bat Pony Alicorn who's small for his age.


So, Nightmare Moon has been able to make herself whole without the use of Luna as a host. But she needs a role to play so that she can get noticed like her sister, Luna. After a chaotic event, Luna has the perfect suggestion.

Quick One Shot Inspired by the episode "Hercules and the Long Nightmare", from the Hercules the TV series that aired on Disney.

I say this to avoid claims of plagiarism.

Lines from the episode will be used.

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You've got me hooked

Awesome story

7357685 okay, well this was a oneshot, but I may decide to make it into a bigger story.

7358106 please yes make it bigger continue with the story I must see how the story ends

This feels more like a sequel to a story than anything else.


"Indeed, as an example, Daring Do was finally able to tell Rainbow Dash a secret she had been keeping, because before, she was too afraid of the outcome, and the dream helped her face that situation," Twilight said.

I'm curious as to what exactly that secret is.

7363164 I'm sure you know the secret. If not, ask me in PM.

7363181 I think I just saw what it was.

7363192 Yeah.
Daring is RD's mother.

I'd like to see this story continued in some fashion.

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