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This is a redemption story set after the end of season 2.

Arc 1: While on a trip in Hoofington, Twilight and her friends stumble across an old acquaintance of theirs, who, on her first visit to Ponyville, had to left town pretty hastly. Will Twilight be able to make peace with this mare, after a life she has spent hiding behind a mask of arrogance and boastfulness?

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The "tragedy" tag piqued my interest. I also want to see how other authors characterize the "Gweat and Powuhful Twixie."

Wonderful! I actually enjoy is when Trixie is portrayed with more character than a boasting magician - be it portraying her as worse or better. (Better is always nicer though.)

the great and powerful trixie is beeing stalked i have a bad feeling about this:fluttershysad:

Finally! a Trixie redemption story that doesn't involve her falling in love with Twilight! instant track. :pinkiehappy:

I think you got the emotions perfectly here. I could feel Trixie's anger and sadness... So, good job! I shall be watching this for more.

Thank you...I'm already working on chapter 2... But I warn you all...it will be more action incentrated...and there will be a lot more tragedy than sad in it.

786984I don't really know what to say.I for one used to hate Trixie,because I can relate to Twilight the most and felt some hatred towards her uneeded boasting.Now I feel like a complete a.....
Ummmm...jerk because I misjudged her and didn't bother to think about her past.Have I learned nothing from Twilights lectures?:facehoof:

Well, I hope you've now leraned not to judge peopl...I mean, ponies for the way they act without knowing the reasons behind that.

Seriously though, I hope you liked this silly story of mine :pinkiehappy:

please continue this story, it looks interesting

i am really looking forward to this story

Comment posted by Shamrocker deleted Dec 24th, 2012

Feels bad man..... Poor Trixie.


Can't wait till the next chapter. Keep it up!

You didn't see anything yet. :pinkiehappy:
With a bit of luck, I'll be able to publish the following chapter soon. :)

“If I were you I’d just keep it and forget about her. It’s unbelievable what some ponies are willing to do just to get a bit of attention from others… Right Rainbow Dash?” asked Scootaloo, turning her head towards the pegasus she considered the coolest in all of Equestria, with a big smile on her face and eyes overflowing with admiration.

Uh? Yeah yeah sure, whatever you said, pipsqueak!” nonchalantly replied Rainbow Dash.

I always did think poor Trixie got the crappy end of the stick, and the mane 6 are the ones who need an ego check. (aside from Fluttershy that is)

Hope you didn't give up on finishing this one.

Nope, I'm just waiting for my new editor to send me the revised version of the next chapter...
Unfortunately, I already lost more than a month for various problems (both IRL issues and the fact I had to find a new editor), otherwise I would have already published 2 more chapters. :fluttershysad:

Glad to hear you're still plugging away. :yay:
I can't believe that was a week ago I posted! Time flies when you keep strange hours.

Well, that escalated quickly. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

1514797 This aside, this does seem to be fine. I don't see many errors.

Yeah, yesterday I went through all the chapter one more time and corrected all the errors I could spot, yet I'm sure there still are some here and there.
SPOILER: Speaking of the next chapter, considering that there will be some off-screen mild-torture in it, does that count as "mature content"? I mean, I saw a lot more blood shown in mangas like Bleach and Naruto, and they're still considered shonen (14+ years old) mangas.
It will not be as gruesome as some of the most popular Grimdark stories (like Cupcakes or Cherilee's Garden), quite on the contrary, the description of the torture part will all be subtle, but I don't know if I will have to put a mature content block. What do you think?

1515292 Off screen mild torture? That still counts as Teen, but you may have to put a Gore rating just in case.

You think so? Hmmmm...Yeah, maybe it'll be for the best. Thanks for the advice :twilightsmile:
I tried my best to keep the whole story on the Teen target....I just hope no one will be offended by certain parts in the future chapters.

I have a feeling that the letter that was in Trixie's hat is the insurance policy. I am also assuming that Twilight is probably going to get her flank kicked by this 'assassin', seeing we are way far from its climax and you hope no one will be offended by certain parts in the future chapters. I will be tracking this, but the moment I see gore, I'm gone.

No more spoilers for the moment :pinkiehappy:.
I said I'm worried about some future scenes 'cause I don't know how some people may interpret them...for example, many readers are offended even by simple shipping fanfics. I assure you there will not be all the splatter and the mutilation or abuse of a classic gore fiction (like I said, it will not be like Cupcakes or some other famous grimdark stories). Sure, I don't know what are your standards to define a fiction or a chapter as "gorish", but I'm pretty sure I was able to stay pretty far away from that genre. :)

...one of them is dead.
...who is it?
...whose dead?
...and how did Celestia find out Twilight was in trouble?
...please hurry up with the next chapter!
...I'M ON PINS AND NEEDLES HERE!!!:raritycry::flutterrage:

I think Twilight got hit because in the last chapter, they said there was a horrible accident with her. :trixieshiftright:
Hmmmmm I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Oooooh, wouldn't you like to know? :pinkiehappy:
I'm glad my story is getting you involved so much. :twilightsmile:

Maybe she's the one who got hit.....maybe she's not....who knows? i.imgur.com/D9qFM.png i.imgur.com/uzzk9.png
Turn in next time, for more action and adventure!

First word of the chapter, and the city is misspelled. Good start. Also, Storm when he's dealing with Trixie, Loneshark when anyone else is thinking about him. That's fun.

That's why I wrote it's a "Raw Version".
I tried to correct every error I could spot, but of course some of those are still there. I'm waiting for my editor to send me the corrected version of this chapter and the last one.

Thank you for pointing that mispell at the beginning. :twilightsmile:

So Trixie is dead and Twilight is unconscious after launching Mr. assassin. And we won't get an update until at least Christmas, more than likely some time in the new year. I perfectly understand that you have exams (life comes first after all.) Still, as a reader, I have to say :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::raritydespair::flutterrage::applecry::flutterrage:.
Good luck on your exams though.

Believe me, I'm really, really sorry about taking that decision, but with the fact that I have classes 5 days out of 7 from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. I really need to take the whole Saturday and Sunday too to study properly. :applecry:
With a little bit of luck, though, you won't really have to wait for the new year for the following chapter. :twilightsmile:

Also, I'm kinda glad I'm receving more positive results from this chapter than I expected...I mean, 4 more thumbs up and a new follower in a little more than 1 hour and just 1 thumb down.
I was more kinda expecting a shower of red thumbs and people insulting me/clicking the unwatch button. :pinkiehappy:

1670509 I fully understand that you have exams. I always believe that. However, I always have to rant when left with an amazing exciting cliffhanger and the author goes on a hiatus of sorts. I'm always afraid the story won't be finished (that has happened.) However, I prefer you making sure you take the time to finish the story with quality then putting out garbage due to time constraints (that has happened also.)
So again, good luck with your exams.:twilightsmile:

Hehe :pinkiehappy:
I hope you liked this new installment.

Ohhh nooooes. Twilight is blind. How will she read books now? :raritydespair:

Now we know where the title came from. We also know why Twilight's friends were so upset. I hope Trixie doesn't become suicidal because of this. It's going to be bad enough Twilight's friends are going to want kill Trixie. So more than likely, her friends will NOT be pleasant with Trixie. Plus, Uma will be coming for revenge while Twilight is, for all intents and purposes, helpless to stop him. This story is a long way from over.
I look forward to the next chapter. Happy Holidays!!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::ajsmug::yay::rainbowlaugh::raritywink:


Brail? I'm sure there's a book that can teach her that somewhere, if she doesn't already know it.

Lol, I guees Yukito answered to this question already. :pinkiehappy:

Anyway, what do you think of this new chapter? Any comment/critique about this new installment or the whole story in general?

Thank God it seems I was able, with the end of this chapter, to achieve my goal: pointing out what was the true meaning of the title of my story. :pinkiehappy:

Also, you're right.... The story is indeed far from over. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you very much for your interest and Happy Holidays to you too. :twilightsmile:

Yup, how Twilight will face her new condition will be widely covered in later chapters.

Anyway, like I already wrote to shyguy7829, what do you think of this new chapter? Any comment/critique about this new installment or the whole story in general?


Nope, pretty good chapter, and story in general so far. A feww punctuation errors here and there that I noticed, but it's the raw version, so I'll let it slide :P

Loved the Chapter Keep it up Buddy :3
Cant wait to see the next one
I liked that you implied Luna into it. LUUNAAAA
Oh yea and First comment of chapter 7

Thus is getting good ! We shall wait for next chapter impatiently.
We wanted to tell you thus we admire your work and we awe your awesomeness ^^
-princess Luna

So the first arc is over. In order to have a chance of curing Twilight, Trixie has to become the new Element of Magic. I seriously doubt that is going to happen. Not with as much as Trixie is hated by Rainbow Dash and mistrusted by Rarity. I expect Rainbow to finally let Trixie have it. And we can't forget about Mr. Assassin.

You flatter this humble writer with your kind words, Your Highness.
I'm glad to read you are enjoying my story and I hope I will not disappoint your expectations.
(P.S. Sending this comment once again because, for some reason, I had it saved in that Notification I made last month about the release of this chapter :derpyderp1:)

She will really have to work with all her might to succed.
You'll all see how difficult this task will prove to be. :pinkiehappy:

(P.S. Sending this comment once again because, for some reason, I had it saved in that Notification I made last month about the release of this chapter :derpyderp1:)

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