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One last thing, I found the cover image through a forum, and I'm like, 94% certain it's not from the movie.

I'm 95% sure it is from the movie, Adagio makes that pose on the benches while Celestia is talking in the early phases of the B.O.T.B.

Anywho, this feels like a pretty good depiction of something due to come up a bit more in the main story; Adagio being ready and willing, but absolutely unwilling to push Fluttershy before she's ready, always letting her set the boundaries. I can't comment further without risking spoilers, but yes, another very feasible rendition of the couple's first time. :yay:

7337892 Gasp! My powers as a fortune teller have been exposed!

For real, I'm glad you like it. I worked super hard on it. I was a bit worried about quality close to the middle, but I guess I did okay.

Thanks for the note on the over, btw. I'll fix that soon as I can.

Did you mean "Black Dresses?"

7339364 whoops. Thanks for pointing that out.


I found Sucker For A Cute Face through this story's link. But the description doesn't mention the writer of this clop and the original story are different authors, so for a while I got confused because I didn't take note of the author names when I sifted through both your story banks :twilightsheepish: I'm really liking this and the original content, especially Fluttershy and Adagio's characterizations. Shame that you don't seem to write full on erotica. With the magic you work from Adagio's teasing alone it would've been nice to see what you could do if you went all out. :raritywink:


It can be hard trying to capture the tone of the original author when doing a spinoff piece, but I think this was pretty good as a oneshot clop. Though I think that Fluttershy's orgasm wasn't made clear, or maybe it's just me. When you wrote:

Trembling from both excitement and her previous climax

I had a, "Really? When?", moment, because it happened so soon that I thought the moistening and groaning were just signs of Fluttershy getting revved up, not her finish. I think it could've used more distinguishing ((?) having trouble thinking of the right word here) so that you know she was hitting her climax at that moment. Or it could just be my lack of perceptiveness. :twilightsmile:

7340331 Thanks for the feedback! It's always appreciated. Yeah, I guess I could have been a bit more concise with the description of Shy's gasm, but I digress. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, though!

This kind of fanfiction is what defines fanfiction to me. This is, at least to me, maximum fanfiction.
Take an idea, deal with the characters, put a whole lot of yourself in there, slather it in just the right words and make an interesting soup of it all.
I had a very, very good time reading the interactions between Adagio and Shy, the sex was just a pretty little bonus.
Thanks for the great penmanship.

8089020 :rainbowderp: Um, wow! Thank you so very much for the kind words! I always try my best, and feedback is always appreciated. I suppose 'throwing myself into my writing' is something I've always been good at, in multiple senses. I have two more very similar fics to this. If you liked it, you should check them out!

They're actually the only other two clopfics in my story list. :twilightblush: Specifically, I think you would like Fashionably Drunken Sex. It's the most like this one in that it's very much so character-driven, rather than being just about the sex.

And of course, you're welcome for the literature! :twilightsmile:

Woah... This is the second clopfic about SFaCF I've read and it's still so good! It has all the great elements a clopfic should have, and I really am glad of your work, Generous. I really appreciate it!

By the way, a small error in

"My mom should at work right now..."

Shouldn't it be "My mom is at work right now..." ? Thanks if you just fix that little error and keep up the good work!

Whoops! I edit my own stuff, so I tend to miss little itty bitty things like that. It's supposed to say "should be at work." My bad.

I really appreciate the feedback and praise!

As an aside, I do have another clopfic for SFaCF, if you're interested in it.

No problem! And I sure will read the other fic, it might be as great as this one! Be prepared for big texts and repetition. :yay:

Cool! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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