• Published 29th Jun 2016
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Equestria's flame - Lon35hadow

Woman is sent to Equestria with the powers of a post RWBY Volume 3 Cinder. But things aren't what you'd expect there.

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A week has passed since I arrived in Ponyville, and I had been staying with Twilight, mainly because Rarity would insist on treating me like royalty, I'm not exactly one for manual labor like I would be as a guest of Applejack, I'd barbecue Angel if I stayed with Fluttershy, I'd go crazy if i stayed with Pinkie, and I cant exactly walk on clouds for Rainbow's house.

Of course, I did go over to Rarity's every day so she could have some input on how I wanted my clothes to look like. Fortunately, my original outfit was under the dress I had made when showing up Trixie, so I did at least have two outfits. The first outfit i had Rarity make for me was the one seen when the in-show Cinder infiltrated the Beacon tower in season two, just if I needed to handle some stuff later on where stealth was needed.

Anyways, I was just finished eating a sandwich for breakfast-thank god there is a stall in the market that sells meats for the few griffons in town and Fluttershy's pets- when Spike came in, a scroll in his hands. "Uh, Cinder?"

"Yes, Spike?" I asked as I put the plate i had eaten from in the sink. "What is it?"

"Princess Celestia just sent you a letter," he said as he handed the scroll to me. "No idea what she wants or said."

"Well, thank you for delivering it, Spike," I said as I opened the letter.


I hope you are doing well in Ponyville, but I fear something has come up in Manehattan. What I'm about to say, you can't tell anyone else. You see, I have a special guard that the public doesn't know about with agents in each city, and those in Manehattan have reported a small string of robberies, each with those having been stolen from swearing they were looking at the thief while others in the store saw the theft, and that the being is not a pony, but more resembles you, and my agents report seeing her meet with two males. If it isn't too much trouble I'd like you to go there, and help my guard track down and apprehend them.


"Spike?" I asked.


"Tell the others I'll be doing something out of town for Princess Celestia for the next week at the least, month at the most, I need to go to Manehattan. And don't tell them until afterwards. I'm not one for Pinkie parties," I told him. "Also, there a suit case I can use to pack my two other outfits?"

"Yeah, one in the guest bedroom," Spike said. "And you got it," he said with a thumbs up. "I'll tell Princess Celestia you said yes to whatever it was."

"What makes you think I said yes?" I asked.

"Well, you never once talked about going to Manehattan since you got here," he pointed out, "except for just now, after the letter, so it probably means your little trip has to do with the letter, and, far as I know, you and Princess Celestia are good friends, so I don't see a reason for you to say no to what she asked." He grinned a little. "Plus I may or may not be part of a certain secret guard, the fact of which I would keep hidden from the others so that no rumors spread, as Pinkie's terrible at keeping secrets. The smae guard that may or may not exist that Celestia is planning on sedning help to in Manehattan."

"Ohh, devious," I commented with a smirk before I walked out of the kitchen.

"Hey, I'm only a baby in terms of body. Dragons mature mentally faster," Spike said. "I'll see you when you get back, then," he said before heading to the reading room, as Twilight and the others were currently out doing something.

Anyway, I made my way to the guest room, where the suitcase was, then to my room in the basement-I prefer to sleep away from others when it's just me- to pack my outfits. Once that was done ten minutes later, I made my way to the train station. Upon arriving, I was bumped into a mare with beige skin and two toned hair of blue and pink. I saw her drop something after she said, "Sorry," and walke doff.

Curious, I opened it, and, inside, it said, "Royal paid tickets from Celestia. Lets you get on a train whenever and to wherever you want to go . - Sweetie Drops. P.S.-If you try to find me after you get back to thank me, look for Bon Bon. That's the name I use in Public."

Hm. I'll need to thank her and Celestia next chance I get. So, yeah, with that, I was able to get on the next train to Manehattan. The trip there was mainly uneventful, so I really just looked out the window at the scenery. Upon my arrival and exit of the train, I saw a unicorn stallion with a sign saying "Cinder Fall". The stallion was colored black-including his hair, though that did have some red high lights at the end, and was wearing a shirt with the guard crest on the left shoulder, indicating he had been in the guard, though a perceptive eye could see he was still young, and had both arms with no scars on his face. Either he lost his legs-unlikely, as he was wearing khaki shorts- or he's part of that separate guard. I'm going with the latter.

"Miss Fall?" he asked me as I walked up.

"Yes. Why?"

"I believe you know, Miss," the stallion said. "You are here to help us with those robbers, right?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Then follow me," he said, and the two of us left the station. "

"So, what's our name?" I asked.

"Lone Shadow," he replied. "Leader of the Shadow guard, and was here in Manehattan on vacation when this all started, so I took the helm on it. When we get to our HQ, I'll give you what we know on these three."

"So, just exactly how many am I going to be working with?" I asked. "I don't like working in large groups."

"Including you, six," Lone replied. "Most of the time, each town and city has four members of the Shadow guard in it, with additional ones coming in from other cells if needed, though that's rare, as, most of the time, we take care of problems before they get to that degree."

"So, then, which cell do you work with?" I asked before he looked at me. "Right, personal deployment details. Forget I said anything."

"Good," he said. "So, Princess Celestia sent me a letter with what you told her about semblances and auras. There any possibility illusions can be in there?"

"Yes," I answered. "In fact an old. . . comrade of mine had an illusion semblance."

"Then it may be you'll be able to help us," he said as we stopped in front of what looked like a rundown apartment building. "Come in, we got work to do."

Author's Note:

If you wish to know more about the guard Celestia made, be sure to pay attention to the author's notes, as that will be where my one-fifty special, which will have the orgin story of them and my OC. Also, I regret nothing of the character insert.

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