• Published 29th Jun 2016
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Equestria's flame - Lon35hadow

Woman is sent to Equestria with the powers of a post RWBY Volume 3 Cinder. But things aren't what you'd expect there.

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Waking up

I don't know how long I was out, or even where i now was. All I knew upon waking up was that I had a headache, and the room I was in was ungodly lit up. Seriously, who needs this many light fixtures in a single room?

Anyway, with my eyes closed until I felt I could open them, I sat up, and rubbed my head, hearing a voice say, "Doctor, she's awake." I then heard hooves on the ground. I swear, if I landed in some sort of Centaur land, I am going to kill that woman who sent me here next time I see her. Anyway, just as the sounds stopped, I opened my eyes, and looked in the direction of the sounds, and be surprised upon seeing a human shaped like figure, only his face seemed to stretch into a muzzle, and he had a horn jutting from his forehead.

I was in an anthro form of Equestria.

` Now, I wasn't a pegasister, but I didn't dislike the show. I mainly just watched it with my daughter and step-brother, pegasister and brony respectively, at least well enough to know the important characters. And be around when ever Josh would talk about certain things. Like why The H in Harmony for Elements of Harmony were- you have got to be kidding me. Josh, I swear, if you were right. . .

"Miss, are you alright."

"Other than a headache-" and being essentially brought back from the dead- "yes," I replied, the voice coming from my mouth not being mine, but closer to another's. I cast a quick glance at my slothes and saw, instead of a shirt and pair of shorts I would ordinarily wear, I now had on a red, off the shoulders, v-neck minidress with yellow accents along the sleeves and the collar bone area, a blue feather. . .thing on my right hip, a black choker on my neck, with a glimpse of black shorts under the dress, dark, glass heels, and right ankle having a jeweled anklet. This outfit I knew well, as I was a huge fan of the people who created this character, and, with it, could take a guess at my abilities.

I was now, at least, dressed as Cinder Fall from RWBY.

"Where am I?" I asked the unicorn doctor. Can't believe I just said that.

"In Canterlot, Miss. . .?"

"Cinder Fall," I replied. Hey, I look the part, may as well go with it right now.

"Well, Miss Fall, you're lucky the guard patrol found you when they did," the doctor said. "If they hadn't, then you may not be here right now."

"Where did they find me?" I asked.

"In the slums of Canterlot," the doctor replied. "That's where those who are. . . less than proper live, and most would have enjoyed taking you for themselves."

Well, that doesn't sound so-stop that now. I took this opportunity for a new start, I said to myself. "Tell them I thank them for that."

"Of course, miss," the stallion said, bowing slightly. "What exactly led to you being there, if I may ask?"

"I don't remember," I lied. "Much, at least. All I remember is a voice telling me to ask for the sun and moon. I think it meant the princesses."

"Well, that's somewhat concerning," he muttered. "Did they ask why?"

"No," I said.

The doctor sighed. "Well, my scans earlier didn't pick up any latent spells, so I suppose it wouldn't hurt," he said. "But before you try anything, they will have guards."

That was to be expected. "I suppose that makes sense."

"Then I will see if I can get them."

With that, he left, and I spun to the side of the bed, my legs hanging off the edge. Well, may as well see if I can walk under my own power now. With a deep breath, I laid my hands on the edge of the bed, and quickly slid off, letting go of the bed as I landed.

Even though my legs were shaky at first, I was able to stand up by my own, a large contrast to my last week in the hospital in which I died, where i needed either help or a wheel chair to move around.

I sighed at the thoughts that came up with that. I wonder how long it's been for Mark-my husband- and the others since then, and how well they're doing. Lilly-our daughter- especially, as the two of us had always been close.

I was brought out of my thoughts when the main door to the room opened, and in walked the doctor trailing behind the two royals, with Celestia wearing a silken, white dress, her etheric hair flowing behind her, her regalia shining like gold. I can only guess how much they'd sell fo-stop that right fucking now. That's how I was before this, not now. Luna was in her first season look, with a dark blue dress and the baby blue hair and tail, and, I noticed, her walk being one of a nervous outsider. Makes sense, considering. Walking next to them were four guards each, all wearing the basic golden armor with a spear in hand.

"Doctor Suture said you requested to speak with us?" Celestia said.

I bowed as she and her sister stopped walking. "Yes, your highness, but it is more of a message. One best delivered out of ear shot of others."

"We can not risk that," Celestia said.

"Sister, what of silencing spells," Luna suggested. "Can thou not cast those?"

Celestia blushed in embarrassment. "I had not thought of that," she said before she lit her horn, and a bubble appeared me and the two royals, shaped to where we were the only three in it. "So, then, miss Fall, what is that message?" Celestia asked.

"That I was sent by Harmony." Here, Luna's face paled, and Celestia's probably would have if she wasn't already full white. "What?" I asked.

"Harmony is the name of the one who made us alicorns," Celestia said. "An actual goddess while we are simply given longevity."

"What did she look like?" Luna asked.

"She was about Celestia's height with gray skin, wearing a white dress, and had rainbow hair."

"That is how she prefers to appear," Celestia muttered. "Did she say anything else?"

"No," I replied "Why?"

"Because she would not send someone from another world, which you clearly are," Celestia said, "without reason."

"How do you know about that?" I asked with a glare.

"Unlike most of our subjects," Luna answered, "we can sense the subtle differences in dimensions, especially when it come to those from other ones, and you feel not like any of this world would."

"Ah," I replied. "So, what exactly are you going to do with me, then?" I asked.

"Well, there isn't much going on in Equestria, currently," Celestia said. "So, I suppose, we could offer you a room here in the castle."

I curtsied, and said, "Much appreciated, your Highnesses."

Celestia held up a hand. "You can drop the formalities, Cinder. If Harmony sent you here, then we may as well treat you as an equal."

"Then doubly thank you, Celestia and Luna," I replied.

"Of course," Celestia said before the glow on her horn faded, as well as the bubble. "Captain, take Miss Fall to the guest quarter nearest mine and my sister's quarters. Which is to say somewhere between them distance wise."

"Yes, ma'am," a guard said. "Follow me, Miss."

"Of course," I said before he turned around and, with me following, left the room.

So, I was sent here by a goddess of another universe filled with anthropomorphic ponies for some unknown reason, and only a chance at seeing my family again. Well, could be worse.

I could be in hell.

Author's Note:

And so truly begins my first RWBY story, and the story of another of the heroes of the Multi-war. For those who don't know, I plan on pulling an avengers later on down the line with my displaced, with every single displaced being a part of the final fight, along with the displaced they meet along the way, should they wish to join. Which reminds me: crossovers can begin two chapters from now.

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