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The Future Savior Of Equestria - Cartoonlover13

After her former student left Equestria, Luna, a Queen in all but name, is looking for a new student and an Element of Magic and she gets that very special pony.

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The Future Savior Of Equestria

“My dear aunt!”

Princess Luna let out a groan, she just wanted to have a nice conversation and a cup of tea with her adopted niece, Princess Amo Crisalide or Chrysalis. The alicorn turned around to see her distant nephew Prince Blueblood The Ninth, Duke of Canterlot galloping near her and her niece.

“Yes, my dear nephew?”

Duke Blueblood turned his head to Chrysalis. “Oh, hello, my dear cousin.”

The Princess of Love rolled her eyes. “Hello, Blueblood, if you didn't notice I was talking to my aunt.”

“Yes, but I need to talk to her!” Retorted the white stallion with the blond bushy moustache.

The white alicorn alicorn scoffed.

The Duke cleared his throat. “My dearest aunt, since your last apprentice is no longer in Equestria…”

The ruler of Equestria rolled her eyes, she did not want to hear about her failed student yet again.

“I suggest having my son, Prince Blueblood The Tenth to be your new apprentice.”

“Your son, as my magical protege? You must be kidding me. Blueblood can’t even do simple levitation.” Luna said.

“But he can learn! That is why I believe he is the perfect fit for the position!” The stallion said as he neared the two alicorns. “My son is such a hard worker and he never gives up.”

“Isn’t your son the colt who gave up when he couldn’t open the pinata at his birthday party?” the sixteen-year old alicorn asked before she took a sip of her tea.

“Uhhh,” the Duke started nervously, “well he was younger and more childish then. He has grown so much since then! Why, he’s practically a full grown stallion!”

“Duke Blueblood that birthday party was a few weeks ago, and I already told you he has to go through tests like the rest of the fillies and colts. There are no exceptions to that. Everypony has to get a fair chance.” Luna said as she poured tea into her cup.

“Of course, Princess.” The duke bowed then trotted out of sight.

“All the nobles are acting like him aren’t they?” Chrysalis asked.

“Yes, they all think that because of their lineage their sons and daughters have a higher chance of being picked. It’s so nerve racking, I wish that their skulls weren’t so thick.”

“I can't believe he's my cousin!” Exclaimed the Princess of Love.

“I can't believe that he's my nephew too. But he's my many greats nephew on my mother's side,” replied the older alicorn.

“Your mom wasn't like him right?” questioned the white alicorn.

Luna chuckled. “No. Not at all in fact she was the sweetest mare ever.”

“Well, I would love to stay and chat, Auntie, but I have to go. I promised the unicorns down at the school that I would go see the dress rehearsal of their new play.” The white mare said as she stood up from the table, “Afterwards, I am going to study for my semester exams with my friends at the public library, so don’t wait up for me.”

“Why are you so perfect?” the Lunar Princess teased as she took a sip of her tea.

“Just because!” Chrysalis smiled as she gave Luna a kiss on the cheek, “See you later.” she said as she went.

It's nice having another alicorn around. Luna smiled with that thought. She thought of adopting Chrysalis as her daughter, but the filly already had parents.

Before she could take another sip of her tea an explosion from parts unknown started shaking everything up. A silver and blue blast wave washes across the sky; it has the effect of plowing away all the clouds in this area. The blast of wind widens her eyes.

“What in the world…!?” Before she can finish that sentence a dragon's head bursts out of a room through the ceiling.

The Princess of Equestria spread her wings and went to investigate.

Luna flew past the castle towards the giant baby blue dragon head that stuck through the castle, “Such power, who could have created such a sight.” she landed in front of the door and opened it slightly to peek inside.

In the room was a orange filly with a red and yellow mane, her eyes glowed white, and she was surrounded by a aquamarine orb of magical energy. A few feet next from the filly were two scared squirrels hugging each other and in the stairs in front of her were three judges levitating in the air.

Luna walked into the room calmly, her long slender legs moving swiftly, as she got closely to the filly she noticed she was in pain. The filly was cringing within the orb, she looked as if she were back in her mother’s womb. Luna placed a hoof on the filly’s shoulder, grabbing her attention then gave her a soft smile.

The white glow drained from the filly’s eyes to reveal a pair of teal eyes. The pair of scared squirrels turned into a ponies, the giant blue dragon shrank into a small newborn, and the three judges fell to the floor. “Princess Luna?” the filly spoke softly.

“Sunset Shimmer is your name, right?” The Lunar Alicorn spoke giving the small filly a happy smile.

“I am so sorry! I didn’t mean too-” the small filly interrupted.

“You have such a rare gift! I have never seen a filly with such raw power and abilities.” Luna was then interrupted by the sounds of confusion that came from Sunset. “But you have to learn how to control your power by focused studies and use it for good.” Another confused sound escaped the orange filly. “Sunset Shimmer, I want you to become my personal protege her at my school.” Yet another confused sound. “Well, what do you say?”

Sunset shared a glance with her parents who shook their heads violently. “I accept!” She screamed jumping in the air.

“Oh, and one other thing.” Luna said with an even wider smile.

Sunset landed with a worried face, ”what is it?”

“I am almost certain you just earned that.” Luna said pointing to the filly’s flank where a brand new cutie mark laid.

The unicorn filly gasped loudly as she stared at her flank. “Best. Day. EVER!” She cheered as she started to prance around the moon goddess.

The ruler of Equestria smiled. I hope this sweet filly doesn't turn out to be like Twilight Sparkle.


“My dearest aunt!”

The Princess of the Night groaned. Oh, what is it now!

She gritted her teeth as she set down her papers on her desk. She turned around to see her distant nephew, Duke Blueblood for a second time today.

“How dare you let some commoner become one of the highest honor in Equestria!”

“You've heard of my new apprentice, Sunset Shimmer?”

“Yes that filly who nearly destroyed your school!” the Duke exclaimed.

“Well, the only damage she caused was a hole in a ceiling which was easily fixed. She caused it without her control. That is why I made her my pupil. She already has great power and has potential to do good with that power.”


“No buts, Blueblood!” interrupted Princess Luna. “I have made my decision on who my apprentice is. It is none of your business and as your ruler I demand you to leave and never bring this up ever again!”

Duke Blueblood huffed and trotted away.

The Princess of the Night rolled her eyes. I should probably check on my new pupil. She smiled as she trotted out of her private study to her student's room.

When she arrived she saw her niece hugging her student.


“Oh!” Chrysalis broke off her hug from Sunset Shimmer. “Well, Auntie Luna, this is the filly I foalsit. I'm so happy you chose her be your personal protégé! I knew from the very start she was talented!”

Princess Luna smiled as she saw the unicorn filly’s cheeks turn crimson.

“Oh, you foalsit my new protégé?” Asked the Princess of the Night.

The Princess of Love nodded.

“Well, my niece, may I talk to my new student in private please?”

The white alicorn nodded and trotted out of the room.

The ruler of Equestria grinned at her student. “Hello, Sunset Shimmer, may you promise me something?”

“Oh, anything, your highness?” the unicorn filly beamed.

“Promise me, Sunset, you will always strive to do good and never show off.”

“Of course, your highness!”

The Princess of Equestria smiled. She will be a great savior of Equestria.

Author's Note:

This is what Chrysalis looks like.

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Wait so are you going to be making continuing stories based On that AU! (Please say yes!)

7334722 this story is for the group Princess Luna vs. Solar Flare I'll do more of these in the future :pinkiehappy:

7334722 You should join the group. We're always looking for new members.

so all you did was swap roles around? meh i think ill skip this story

It was kind of entertaining, but I think it needed to be fleshed out a little more. Especially at the beginning where we get very little description of anything.

Huh, intriguing.

What does Chrysalis look like? :rainbowhuh:

i have to ask the same XD

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