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We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?


Spike is depressed, and none of his old friends know what to do, let alone how to help him.

But maybe a new friend does.

[rated teen for talk about depression and suicide]

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the words of the better man

It was a heartwarming read. Different isn't good. Different isn't bad. Different is what it is, what we do with it is up to us.


This is a very good one-shot.

I liked this story. The only one who understands Spike is a human. Awesome.

Hella good.

I doubletake'd at the the Portal 2 ref.

yeah... gonna need more of this universe.

Combustible Lemons!

JBL #9 · Jul 9th, 2016 · · ·

And then Anon went to finish what he really he really came to Spike for: finding Twilight's diary.


As all Of his friends were laughing and enjoying themselves at Sugarcube corner, Anon snuck away into the night, and into the library's window.
"What did he say.. Section seven?"
Suddenly, the lights clicked on behind him, the sound of a pony clearing their throat breaking the small semblance of quiet he carried with him.

"Oh.. Uh.. Hi, Twilight"

Take back the Damn Lemons, you sorry excuse for an existence!!! :flutterrage:

You wouldn't think that an Undertale reference and a Cave Johnson reference would belong in a serious story about depression, but there you go.

7376779 Hey man, life's just doin it's job. Why you gotta ruin a loving relationship over that?

Congrats on the feature! (Without mature on)


Congrats on the feature! (Without mature on)

Fixed it for ya. :trollestia:


What? That's a joke, right?:derpyderp2:

It's in the feature box even with mature turned on. Musta gotten into it just a short while after you commented.

Thus I was engaging in cheek.

Lazy_ #18 · Jul 9th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Which one was the Undertale reference?

Really? Are there no mature stories in the feature box right now?

Looks like no. I had assumed that it had risen in rank without you noticing, though.

Rokas #21 · Jul 9th, 2016 · · 19 ·

As if depression was so easy that it could be dismissed with one conversation. :ajbemused:

Thumbs down for this mindless pap.

This story is brilliant idea with comforting thoughts! Bravo!

Gotta agree with you, this is more a passing sadness if anything. Real depression isn't cured in one uplifting conversation.


But she still had all of you. Take a look at yourself spike. Despite everything, it's still you."

7378390 glad someone caught that

Nowhere did It say his depression was gone. Yes, he was talked down from suicide, but not had it fixed. You can be depressed and still have times you're motivated and want to spend times with friends; it does happen.

7378388 *cured
Get rekt. :ajsmug:
Please go rudely (but accurately) proof read and criticize all my work as compensation.

7378384 I thumbs up this to balance the thumbs down.
Why the funnel cake would someone thumbs down such a statement?

Let me ask you something do you think spike got over his troubles here? I don't think so. It just gave him a short reprieve, not a cure. Often those who are on the verge of hurting themselves or committing suicide that short reprieve is all it takes for them stop and take another look at an issue. I have a friend and he was looking at some hard time because he made a mistake, I saw the signs, and confronted him about. I discovered he planned on killing himself, so you know what I told him. I said "I won't stop you, because I believe we all have our limits. But before you do I want to ask yourself can you come from this? Can you pick up this ordeal is done? That is a choice you need to make and no one can influence you otherwise." With that I left him there to think. He decided on his own to seek help, and on the day the court took him away I saw him off and he looked at me and said "I'll come back from this." He is now serving 3 years and with good conduct he'll be out in 2. I write to him every week to let him know i'm on his side.

Sometimes it's that brief intermission to make you think about something else or help see it differently that can save a person's life.

Conversations between spike and anon is a good concept.

poison rock out of nowhere is kinda out there.

I enjoyed this story.

No tl;dr posts or opinion warfare for me, no sir-y.

Ths story is great. My friend has been out of it for a while and I just now showed her this story. She was smiling through the whole thing and then I had a chat with her as well. And when she saw your note at the end she got all giggly and hug tackled me. And I think Im gonna work on something for everyone soon. Once I get her off of me that is.

Now get off!!!


.. Fine.


Beautiful story. It really has been too long since I've read a good one like this. 10/10, good job. Have a mustache. :moustache:

Holy fuck this is a good story, love that portal reference with the damn lemons

7378078 Half the main cast of Undertale has depression and Cave Johnson's story was about a man who let nothing stop him, even his own mortality. They seem like perfect fits.

Sadly, many people, including myself, have been in Spike's place before. Thankfully some, like Spike, are helped. May those who weren't reached be finally brought to peace...

I always found that saying stupid. Life gives you lemons, it doesn't give you sugar or water. That's why you should get mad and see life's manager. I ordered lemonade, not a cup of lemon juice!

Nice little story, absolutely love the cover art too.

Great story, bro. Good take on depression as a whole, too.

take my like and get out, just go, shoo!

This just in, local baby dragon burns down Life's house with what seems to be magically modified lemons. We'll have more at Eleven.

okay... spike now hates life... *contemplates whether killing life for spike would be a good Idea*

And now the whole pond is poisoned and will never go back to normal. That is one sour lemon. Nice story though.

Not bad. I disagreed with the lemon part (sounds vengeful) but otherwise happy with the way this turned out.

Thank you for writing this.

Then you start daydreaming about depressing stuff. Or reality hits you.

Unfortunately, the poison was water soluble and Ponyville is now a Superfund site.

I have a simple question not much but WHY IS EVERY HUMAN NAMED ANON!!!

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