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I like to build and draw my own designs. I make armor, weapons, and toys out of metal and leather. I like reading and writting books.


Teotle and Nyx are faced with an enemy. One whom they thought to be long gone. However, his shadow still lingers in the far corners of equestria, but that is the least of Teotle worries. He worries that Nyx Might be growing up too fast.

Nyx was made by Penstroke from the story "Past Sins." Please give credit where and to whom it is due.

Chapters (22)
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I wonder want that gift contains. Cute start

Thanks. I think it's a great way to start one of many questions that need answered in the future.:heart:

he out them in position.

put them out or put them

accept for Nyx


off fro


Thanks man, I'll look into that right away.

ourselves, haven't don't even know about yet."

don't even know about yet.

"Sort of." Teotle replied. "However, this will have natural intelligence, rather than artificial."

what could possibly go wrong

7469045 I look up the mistakes you brought up and fixed them. Thanks.

eat write away


ok Teotle I think its time I got out my whip and started beating larger chapters out of you. but good chapter anyways


Ok, I'll try to fit in more content. Thanks.

"It's so difficult enough

either remove so or remove enough

Don;t worry, Applejack, I'm sure she'll come around." Fluttershy remarked. "But for now, lets just try and relax."

change semicolon to apostrophe ( ; to ' )

Really nice chapter Teotl great job

7498132 Thanks for the help, buddy.

living brain front the ground up."


and the chapter title is not great

do you want me to preread for you?

7530766 Sure, how do you do that?

7530823 if you have a google account just copy and paste onto google docs and share with this email beacjere@gmail.com i will be able to suggest edits or if you enable editing i will be able to fix them for you.

Great writing, Hunter! The suspense is there and I'm wondering who left the small red and white wrapped gift and what exactly is in the package? I look forward to reading more and finding out.

7550807 Thanks, but how do you know my name?
are you my councilor from Lorenzo Walker?

Author's Note:

If anypony sees any mistakes, please let me or beacejere@gmail.com know in the comment section below.

correction to the authors note the email is beacjere@gmail.com

What exactly is that weird doglike thing in the picture?

7551224 Sorry about that, it wouldn't let me copy and paste your original note.

Editors note. if you find any mistakes do not hesitate to blame me (beacjere) for not spotting it. as usual please contact Teotle or me at +beacjere@gmail.com

Sorry about the wait, everypony. :twilightsheepish:

Sorry for the wait everypony, I've had family over for the past few weeks now for the holidays. :twilightsheepish:

Rest assured, I'll do my best to get this book done soon. Thanks again for reading and I'll talk to you later.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry that this chapters a little short. This was literally all I had left to write. :twilightsheepish:

Wow. That was an awesome ending. And you left it open for another one. Nice

7932513 Did you like the lullaby?

Hey everypony, its ya boy, Teotle. I wanted to updateing the lullaby, "Son Under The Moon."
The original sounds more like a poem, than a song. So I am going to replace it with a shorter and simpler version. The music/melody in which to sing this song is based off of a song "Walking Through The Night" made for the game Rakuen. I hightly looking into this awesome game.


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