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Zephyr Breeze manages to live up to his true potential, but not everypony can appreciate the beauty of what he's accomplished.

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It's nice to see a fic explore the consequences of egocentric myopia toward loved ones. It's just a shame it wasn't a lesson Zephyr learned before his suicide, so that he would have considered the consequences of such a selfish act.

Poor Fluttershy.


Fucking lol! My kind of humor, take a favorite.

Sorry, I don't want to fight fire with fire here, but I just hoped I might be able to help you be a bit more open-minded.

To claim that suicide is a selfish act is quite narrow-minded. In fact, in the mind of the person committing suicide, it's actually a bit more of a selfless act. People who suffer from suicidal thoughts might feel like a burden to those around them and feel that they'd be better off without them.

I'm not sure why people believe suicide to be a selfish act. Maybe it's to shift the guilt or blame onto the person who committed the suicide. Maybe it's to help with coping instead of trying to process why someone would actually commit suicide.

However, I don't think you can just blame somebody for suicide since most people aren't thinking logistically or rationally when they commit the act. In their minds, they truly believe that those around them will be relieved or happy that they're gone.

Pwnego was being sarcastic with that comment.
Source: He told me. He's a friend of mine.

I'm honored! I never expected anyone to read it (unless I specifically told them about it), let alone favorite it!

Oh, okay. If you'd like me to delete the comment, I will, but a lot of people will take that seriously. Just tell Pwengo to be careful. :twilightsmile:

Don't worry about it. It was definitely a good thing for you to mention. Kind of ties into the whole theme of the story. It's mocking all those kinds of "blame the victim" knee jerk reactions.

The only people worse than those who write such drivel are those who encourage it!


The emoticon may have been too light, but I thought the comment paralleled the style of the story well enough to convey the intent.

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