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Foals Errand

My friends...Thank you...I love you too


This story is a sequel to Will You Want To Call Me Mom?

Morning Star, the son of Princess Celestia, and Princess Twilight Sparkle, is a very intelligent colt. But, he just can't understand why his Daddy turns into another pony sometimes. There has to be something he can do to stop it!

Maybe Daddy's regalia...

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10 live readers?
Geez, Foals, you have some dedicated followers!
Edit: First comment!

Great story though!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile: I like my little verse i'm creating!

"Hnngh! Ack! Nooo... I just got this heart repla---"


I can't decide if I want to be happy because this was so adorable, or sad because I know from personal experience that such a happy ending to a "busy Daddy" issue is about as fantastical as magical pastel ponies...

Either way, I very much enjoyed reading it, and am excited to see your TwiLestia Universe grow!

This story was just adorable!:twilightsmile: I loved Celestia and Twilight as parents and Tomato soup was just awesome. Cannot wait to see more in this universe.


You owe me a new heart, you Trixie minx, you.

This was very cute, Foals. Looking at the situation from a child's point of view was very insightful and hilarious at times. From the mouths of babes, it is said....and mostly closer to the truth than we care to think about! Great story, though it brings up some painful memories. Delightful nonetheless. Thank you for a wonderful story.

Oh my gosh. This was super cute.

Sorry Mister... *adorable big eyes*

Lets go with happy! After all this is a magical world! And i'm very glad you enjoyed!

Tomato Soup is Pinkie with a unicorn horn. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Is a chocolate heart okay? :heart:

I'm sorry it brought up bad memories, but i'm glad you enjoyed it!

God dammit my heart just melted. I'm all sappy now. Love the story btw.

So cute!!! Uggh :pinkiehappy:

Jesus enough of this lesbian crap already!

7322952 I couldn't agree more. Honestly, I grow weary of clicking on stories that have foals of cannon characters, only to find that two mares. (Never two stallions for whatever reasons) somehow had a foal.

It was acceptable at first, but after the first twelve million stories like that, it got as old as I look.

Also, Fun Fact: A Morning Star is a medieval weapon similar to a mace, only it was an iron and/or steel ball covered in sharp spikes. It was used against heavily armored soldiers to cause a mixture of blunt and piercing damage. :pinkiehappy:

The most poignant memory was when I was called to deploy, yet again, to the Middle East. I had just walked in the door from work and the phone rang. My first sergeant told me to pack up and return to work and be prepared to deploy immediately. As I was gathering my bags, my daughter, then 10 years old, walked in and saw I was packing. "You're leaving again?" she asked, tearing up. I told her it was likely I was. She looked at me with great sadness and said " This is the third time you've missed my birthday." It broke my heart. I don't think I've ever been able to make that up to her and it's been 20 years.

I loved your story though Foals. I really liked how Celestia and her son were able to work it out and be together. It made me happy that they could. Thanks again. You are a wonderful writer.

Ok, while my preconceived notions on the use of "daddy" made reading this rather muddled, it was fairly interesting all the way through. All in all a solid addition to the series!

That was adorable.

Though, because of his name, I can't help but think his rebellious teenager phase is going to include introducing Equestria to heavy metal.

7319840 *Looks around, seeing nopony*
Well, they won't be needing their wallet anymore... Or their tech... I'll just borrow this as well... Just stroll away quietly... Nothing to see here. <_<


So... Adorable... *ded*

7324183 *Coranth's revenant rises and chases you relentlessly* "Give me back my teeeeeeeeeeech!"

It's sad how a story's popularity tapers off through sequels. While the story progresses naturally and with a rich narrative that some may argue refines the source story, so few tend to take the time to continue reading the story through its progression.

Again, very sad.

And this comment has very little to do with the story itself. But you know what I mean.

Pretty cute story and I'm guessing from the name you gave Pinkie's kid she hooked up with Cheese Sandwich?

3:28 seconds
Cheerilee: I just need to get your mom or your dad to sign this waver so you can continue to go to school in Ponyville.

Morning Star: Um What?

Cheerilee: Apparently some terrorist of the week (or something) blew up the science wing and we need to get your mom or your dad to sign this.

Morning Star: Mom and my what? There's that word again.

Cheerilee: Maybe I'll just ask one of your parents directly.

Morning Star: Mom and my what?

Cheerilee: What?

Morning Star: you keep saying my Mom and my something else.'

Cheerilee: You mean Dad?

Morning Star: I can make up words too you know.

Too buckin cute for me ;w;


Brutal af stealing a dead man's wallet

I love how you kept the whole Father's Day thing all-inclusive... not many will think to do that. :twilightsmile: Cute little story

I know you hoped Daddy would walk you to school today, but is okay if I do?

Think you meant is IT okay there.

“Well, Morning Star, Father’s Day is a day where colts and fillies celebrate the stallion or mare who is their daddy and do something extra special for him or her!”

(emphasis mine)

And my first thought, after I finished laughing, was... wow, okay, I guess we do need such language now... That was... suprising. Accurate. I guess it didn't register until that moment.

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