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With the kinds of thing that usually occupy their time, Sunset and Flash rarely have a chance to simply relax with each other. Well, today, that is exactly the kind of time they will have with one another.

A relaxing moment...that may well lead to something more.

Part of the Rainbooms/Dazzlings/Shadowbolts storyline
Cover art by Siansaar
Also, please note that while the sex tag is present, the act itself will merely be implied within the story.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 60 )

I r8 888/8, m8. No h8.

Flash is best :trollestia:

She raised me, nurtured my talents, gave me everything."

Everything except simple answers to simple questions, like why she would show Sunset, a scholar of magic, a wholly unfamiliar magical object and then hope she'd just drop it without a second thought. As is usually the case where Celestia is concerned, Sunset wasn't the only one who did something stupid.

Well that seemed to escalate quickly, given he was surprised by the kiss moving straight up to sleeping together seems a bit quick. Still they are teenagers.

Interesting background to both of them there.

To this day I'm enraged that sunset got back with Flash. I'm hoping human twilight starts some drama in that relationship though

Is this marked 'incomplete' for a reason? Are we going to get more in the future? If so, then...


And then they spent all night playing Pokemon inside of a pillow fort.

...I think Flash is gonna get lucky.

Nah, you have to go outside for that one.

And then his virginity was... :coolphoto: ...gone in a flash.

Seriously though, I enjoyed reading this one. :pinkiesmile:

I don't know why people dislike the whole Sunset/Flash ship, I think it's a great way to show that Sunset has improved, and Flash is willing to give her a chance again.

I mean, that adds more depth to Sunset's redemption story, and who doesn't like a good redemption story, I ask you? :twilightsmile:

And then they banged made love to their favorite song.

I like seeing this. This is the first story you've written that actually had them kiss as a couple. I mean your other SunFlash stories are good, but still a kiss is one of the best signs of love. Keep this story going.

7383611 Let's play a game. It's called, "let's pretend the IDW comics don't exist."

With the way backstories tend to be handled there, I'm on board for that game. I would like to play as the top hat. :moustache:

So did you forget to add the Sex tag, or are they just going to make out and nothing else? I mean, the story is marked "Incomplete," so I'm assuming...

7383864 Insert Sunset pun here. I can't think of one.

Now I can only guess where this is gonna go from here, but I'm very much enjoying it anyway. Though I'm not looking forward to one thing I'm only assuming is gonna happen.

With all the mentions I sex, it is really tilting to the mature tag...

What deal did you make with the evils of Hell and Tartarus to make me like this?

Hey, let's be fair now, Flash...my great ass was obvious to anyone.


You really should consider adding the Sex tag.

"Well, for one thing, I learned just how long you Equestrians can just go on and on and on."


... Wait.

Wait wait wait...

... Hold up, dawg.

Did Jay... did Jay just write a second chapter to a story? Jay the Brony? Wrote a second chapter. Or at very least a sort of epilogue.

It wasn't done as a one-shot followup with new coverart and fired off as if it were a completely new piece.


Politicians quote Twilight Sparkle and now I find out this happened. What the Hell is even going on anymore.

(J/k, :trollestia:)

Anyway, now Flash be all like:

... Okay, I'll stop now... on a slightly more serious note, I find that I really do like the Flash/Sunset rekindled romance angle; not just here but in general. There's a lot of narrative meat there to chew over, and you touched on a big part of it with Sunset's line about her not knowing what she had until it was gone. Sure in the canon films it looks like neither Sunset nor Flash has any lingering feelings from their relationship, but from a fanfic and storytelling perspective it's just too juicy of an idea not to play up in some manner.

The two of them getting back together always makes me think of that song Style by Taylor Swift, :moustache:

7415364 That song is fucking amazing.

First Spike, now Sunset. Sci-Twi reaaaally needs to learn science is not excuse for lacking respect toward others' dignity .:ajbemused:

It just struck me that in light of Ditzy/Derpy/I-forget-her-name-in-this-verse's situation, I really hope they used protection. :twilightoops:

I sense old feelings of animosity are about to rise again in some students when they get whiff of this.

Oh boy. This should be interesting.

Is anything more adorable than young love?

Why does this story have so many downvotes? It's a great story.


Because someone's waifu is supposed to be dating their OC, not Flash (AKA "Brad" or "Waifu thief") :trollestia:

(If you don't get what I'm talking about, look at this moment of BlackGryph0n in "Bronies React: Equestria Girls".)

From what I'd previously seen it wasn't like Flash and Sunset were making out in the corridors or anything, they were sitting together holdings hands and maybe 'glowing' a little. Sure some rumours might have started but this is high school there are always going to be rumours about who's sleeping with who, why did these ones result in a principle intervention?

Celestia does seem to be a little to intrusive here, maybe if she'd spoken more as a friend rather than a principle it might have come off better. As it was it was probably toe curlingly embarrassing for everyone. Maybe even worse if pony-Celestia had a maternal relationship with Sunset.

"Oh! You don't need to worry about that, Principal Celestia! We were careful about that. Protection and everything."

Hurray for learning from past experiences! :pinkiehappy:

That drama hook out of the way, we can focus on the entire school talking about the couple.

"Well, if that's settled, then let's get down to the business of details!"

Damn, Rarity. :rainbowlaugh:

And then comes the gossip.

Ack! I thought this was just a one-shot! Not complaining, but still. Anyway, more please!

The business of details begins next chapter.

And then Sunset, to make Rarity think Twice about asking any of her friends for such details again gets overly detailed and over exaggerates everything, without giving any of the real details, to try and embarrass Rarity and make her sorry for prying.

It's such a good thing that Twilight has her friends otherwise there is literally no telling in how much trouble she might get herself! :pinkiehappy:

I did like that it took Aria (who is, after all, much older) to explain the situation to the girls. I suppose that they should also remember that Sunset isn't quite what she seems in terms of maturity either. If anything, it's Flash who is the innocent abroad here!

If there was ever a moment for Sunset to rediscover how to teleport, it was the end of this chapter!

Just to add... This won't stop at Canterlot High. Someone will mention it to their friend, who will mention it to their friend and it will be all over Crystal Prep before too long too! That's when the well-meaning Shadowbolts take it upon themselves to 'help' their Twilight because they've heard just enough wrong information to assume that Flash was her ex. :twilightoops:

7446535 Nice to hear from you again :twilightsmile:

Relatively short, but to the point I guess...

You may like this now, Flash, but wait until Sunset decides that the time has come for you to meet her old teacher and her family!

Meanwhile... Why do I have the sudden mental image of Pinkie and Lemon sitting in front of a shrine to Flash and plotting to 'have their time' with him when not making up embarrassingly sugary songs about his glorious manhood? :applejackunsure:

What I like about this story is the amount of effort that was made in getting the characters' ages right. They all react believably for their relative maturity levels, especially those whose apparent age is most deceptive about who and what they are. This could easily have turned into an average PWP lemon but you did a good job in avoiding that and instead talking about the emotions and the consequences that come from such a development in someone's relationship. It's good to encounter mature writing like that on this site.

This was realy lovely. :ajsmug:
I realy like this type of storys. Nice, romantic and funny.

That last line? Perfect.

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