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(Displaced story)

I was playing games when all of a sudden, a package was delivered to my home. When I opened the package there was an Ultimatrix which when I put on sent me away.

(Ben 10 crossover)

Pre reader Frost the Wolf
Editor ItisASillyLittleGame

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Over all this story has potential, just needs much more fleshing out. Then a editor but more than that, fleshing out!

I don't think she should of been so cooperative with them, at least not at first. I also dont think that she should of told them everything. You know, like in cash there very bad or evil beings. But that just how i thought it should go,
You Hold The Power Here!!!!!
it's your story, not mine.

Also was there a red vs blue refance in there you ;)

It looks more like a puma

7337477 Thanks man I appreciate that.

.... but the cookie is real

Story feel rushed and in some parts is confusing. Sorry but unless you rewrite it, thumbs down.

I take it you posted Chapter 6 prematurely and removed it?

7398963 is it possible that you have any other comments like this?

Technically, the concept of ‘Gwen 10’ hearkens back to an episode of the original show by the same name where Ben wakes up in an alternate timeline where his cousin gets the Omnitrix instead. :twilightsmile:

7422166 Eh, not yet. Hopefully we'll be making more, but like Kirito said it's a collaborative effort. So yeah, just wait and we'll probably come around to doing it again.

7436563 I honestly would like more

Question, who are the twins in this chapter cuse I'm confused

7453379 Well the twins are two Irish steampunk engineers with gear based off the tech of Bioshock Infinite and ww1

Wow... The CMC are sad.

7453419 sad how? Sad as in written bad or sad as in sad?

the second one I can see it as well

7453757 As Flame Heart said, the latter.

Good chapter can't wait for the next chapter

Huh. I thought you would have named them Basket and Case.

7449552 Worry not! There should be more! Hopefully. Maybe! I just work here.

i love it please continue this story

7453446 i love this story more please

this story is awesome more chapters please

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Who the heck are Margrrt and Namira?

Comment posted by Chaos Nightmare deleted Aug 17th, 2016
Comment posted by Chaos Nightmare deleted Aug 17th, 2016

7478652 I actually made a mistake on the earth pony's name

Uh oh, them Changelings are gonna get it now.

Well, now you not only pissed of her but more then likely two different gods. Your fucked.

man, she's going to be disappointed when she finds out that human dna isn't going to do jack for them other then make they bipedal. Might make them a bit smarter now that i think about it. They might also no longer need love to live but become omnivores with a tast for pony flash.... i'm overthinking this aren't i?

7546798 you're on the right train of thought

looks like you might need an editor, unless this was a hurry job.

Well, shit. Now we got Forever Knights.

7597949 ... Fuck. Need back-up should shit hit the fans?

Well, that certainly clears things up.

>don't like don't read

This animo is dumber and somehow crazier than the one from the show.. i feel like Ishould take his official mad scientist card away..

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