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When a mare with incredible superpowers dressed in a blue costume starts doing heroic acts in Equestria, Celestia recognizes the "S" on the mare's chest and tries to discover her identity, for she must know whether that overpowered being is a friend or a foe.

Note: Watching 'Man of Steel' (or any Superman movie) is not required to enjoy this story.

Cover art by NCMares used with permission.

Superhero combo: Supermare (Superman) and Wonder Mare (Wonder Woman).

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 57 )

Man of steel not required? Cooool. I thought I'd have to watch that and the Bat-sequel.

Interesting..... I will be following this

I am curious to see where this is going.

Growing more and more interesting. Who is this pony?
Also, poor Cadance and Shining.

Huh. And I was just having a similar idea for a fanfic.

Will the princess pay for the wrecked houses?
I wonder if (when?) the other mares will find out about AJ's superpowers.


Will the princess pay for the wrecked houses?

It's an abandoned neighborhood. The houses were going to be demolished, anyway.

Sorry for changing the title. I did it because when I looked at my plans for the future chapters, I realized that this is Wonder Mare's story as much as it is Supermare's.

K I just found this story and I like it!
I hope you plan on updating soon!

Take the time you need. You're writing fics for free. :twilightsmile:

7497092 Oh my gosh, MrAquino commented on my story! :rainbowhuh: Ahem, I mean, care to explain your reply?

7497117 Just... watch. You'll see why, before Suicide Squad, I lost hope for the DCEU.

7497263 Dude, I watched the movie and I know about the Martha scene, I just didn't know why did you say it now in a reply to another guy. Plus , I don't want to turn this comment section into an argument about the movies, but I TOTALLY disagree with you. The Martha scene totally makes sense and is unfairly misunderstood. Besides, the DCEU only has three movies now, it's too early to "lose hope" over a scene you didn't like...in the SECOND movie :ajbemused: If people judged the MCU by it's second movie, it wouldn't have gotten where it is now.

7497461 Hey, suicide squad brought some hope back for me. And when Ben Affleck is around, I'm going to ask him what the alternate tie was. Plus, in the film, I was sorta on Batman's side, but when all you need to do is say to save your life is say your mother's name is Martha... Lost me. I'm sure the comics had a better tie breaker... And not just Teenage Mutant Abomination Cave Troll Ogre (Spoiler filled trailer)

7497501 Dude, Superman said Martha because 1) He wanted to give Batman a name so he could save her (besides, it sounded like he was gonna say "Kent" but Batman pressed on his neck) 2) Superman knows who Batman is, and he probably knows that his mother is called Martha so he used that in a desperate try to save his mother. Even when he was about to die, he wanted to save someone else. He thought that Batman was gonna kill him anyway, so he just wanted him to save his mother. He didn't do it thinking that Batman would spare his life just because his mother is called Martha.

Now, to Batman. He didn't spare Superman just because his mother's name is the same, he spared him because when he saw Superman lying helpless on the ground and called "Martha", he remembered how his father was in the same situation. Not to mention, Batman was looking at Superman as an alien, but when he knew that he had a human mother, he started looking at him as a "human", especially after he saw that even when Superman was about to die, all he wanted was to save someone else's life. It completely makes sense.

And again, don't forget where the MCU was with its second movie!

7497528 True, but before the fight.
Superman: Lex Luther has my mom. Her name's Martha.
Batman: WHAT!?!?!?
-Yeah... And Lex wants me to kill you or else he will kill her... Are you... Crying?

7497540 ...Aside from me being dumb and not getting the joke, but Batman didn't give Superman a chance to talk. Could what you said have happened? Probably. But Superman thought that if he beat Batman around a little, he would listen (when they were on the roof, Superman said "Stay down!" He wanted to talk to him, but Batman used the Kryptonite grenade, and Superman started fighting just to stay alive).

Eh, to each their own, I guess.

7497549 Let's just say that How it should have ended touched on all the stuff I thought of while watching in theaters... And a bit more, ESPECIALLY the ending. But I hope that Wonder Woman and Justice League won't flop as hard, otherwise... JLA Binge watching!!! WOO!!!

7497700 Dude, did you watch the Ultimate Edition? I don't think you did. Besides, don't tell me you take HISHE seriously? Those videos are just comedy with no real criticism. The endings they make are usually impossible to happen in the actual movies. Taking them seriously is like saying that CinemaSins is a real critic. And BvS wasn't a flop (I know you will say "Oh they didn't make 1 billion!" It doesn't have to make 1 billion to be successful :ajbemused:).

7499591 I did. It took a lot of energy out of me, both length and note wise. And HISHE may be comical, but there's truth behind comedy, especially all the forgotten notes our characters can do (Like X-Men's apocalypse's miss-use of nuclear missiles.) And it's really funny when Cinbemasins, more specifically, it's Host, Jeremy, actually made a video 2 years about how Batman V Superman immediately beat Captain America: Civil War. And I never said it was a flop... but if their competition made more money than them in 2 months, then that's not a flop... but Warner Bros. coming to terms with firing Zach Snider. And if their goal was 1 billion, then they were close with both domestic and worldwide income at 870 million.


It took a lot of energy out of me, both length and note wise

Again, I'm apparently the only person in the world who watched BvS Ultimate Edition twice and didn't feel exhausted at all (and I would watch it a third time) :scootangel: Something irrelevant: I never watched the theatrical version, so maybe it was indeed awful. But I did hear that some people who hated the movie changed their minds after watching the UE. I mean, cutting 30 minutes from the movie is just stupid! (Btw, I heard WB forced Snyder to cut those 30 minutes, it wasn't his fault. At least we got the UE in the end).

If you saw Suicide Squad would you like to do a parody of the movie when the Squad and the main six have to save Canterlot from the villain.

7523517 I don't know. I haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm not planning to write a Suicide Squad story. But everything is possible.

When is the next chapter coming out?

7533337 Sometime in the future...:ajsleepy:

Batman v Superman was awesome in my opinion.

......ok, I swear this is meant as constructive criticism.

Why is Celestia being written as such a bitch? If you want them to fight, go for it. But there's no reason for Celestia to be that hostile right away. This is the mare who arranged for DISCORD to be freed!

If you have a reason for her attitude, then ok, I'm sure it will look better in the future. But as it is now? it just makes her look like a psycho.

...and, a slight annoyance. You treat their hooves like they are hands. It's just really wierd to read.

7576006 Okay, I'll clear this out. Celestia is acting hostile because she saw the "S" in her dream. Had there been any other super hero instead of Supermare, Celestia wouldn't have acted like this, but because she had a vision about it, she's worried. Also...

Why is Celestia being written as such a bitch?

Was she also a bitch when she took all the blame in front of the journalists?

As for Discord, back then, Discord was under control because the Elements were with the Mane 6. But now, who is controlling Supermare? No one. And with Fluttershy away, there's no Rainbow Power to stop Supermare if she goes rogue. Celestia had to know if she could trust this overpowered being punching things whenever she likes, especially that she had trusted Discord before (who was presumably their loyal friend, not a stranger in costume) and look what happened. And on top of all of that, Celestia's strength coming back to her suddenly contributed to her attitude. From now on, she will be much friendlier, don't worry.

I'm sorry if this wasn't clear enough. However, it will be mentioned soon in the story.

7577070 I'm just talking about how quickly and aggressively she picked the fight. It just seems very ooc for her. You seem to have something planned to explain in the story why she was like this, but as is, it just seems wrong for her character.

Mind if I ask a few questions about Supermare's abilities? I have a thing about people ignoring certain details of Superman's powers.

7577167 Ask, but before you ask, know that she's a little nerfed here. Superman's original powers are too OP to make stories about :twilightsheepish:

7577372 oh, I'm not worried about the actual power level. Superman from the 90's animated series is nerfed compared to the Silver Age comics one. And the original Superman was just strong because Krypton had a higher gravity than Earth.

So, power level wise, you can do whatever you like.

The main problem I always see, though, is that people think he has unlimited power. I don't know how you plan on making it work. But if she's powered by the sun like he is, then I'd like to point out that every action Superman makes that uses his power also depletes his total power. Yes he can just recharge, but if he simply does not have the time, then he will show signs of loosing power.

This is actually the exact reason why his original fight with Doomsday went the way it did in the comics.

7577393 I think that's what I meant with nerfed. Yes, Supermare is very strong, but she's capable of getting tired just like anypony else. I keep that in mind. But do you have any sources on the depleting thing? I've never heard of it, but I always thought of Superman as being capable of getting tired just like anyone else.

7577584 I tried finding something to link you to, but everything I found was either the basic Wikipedia description of his abilities or people going "blah unlimited power blah".

I've honestly never understood how this is such a hard concept for the fandom to understand. If you have a power supply that can keep a city running for 100 years for a population of 100 people, and then add another hundred people, that power supply will run out twice as fast. Same for him; if Superman's abilities are powered by a form of energy, he HAS to use up that energy to use his abilities.

The writers actually explain this in the novelization of Death and Return of Superman.

7577584 Is the next chapter coming soon?:pinkiehappy:

7608695 Patience would be very appreciated :twilightblush: The next chapter is about half done.

7609114 Who is the main villain the pony who is Lex Luthor or the ponies who are general Zod and his kryptonians. Will there be sequences from all the Superman movies?

7624343 I'm thinking about letting the villain be one of Wonder Woman's villains, like Ares.

“Awesome!” Thunder interrupted them. “This is just awesome. I mean, you two...bonding together...like sisters and all...it’s just beautiful!” He grinned sheepishly. “I ruined the moment, didn’t I?”

“Eeyup, ya totally ruined it!” Applejack replied, driving Thunder and Apple Bloom to laughter.

Ant-Man reference!

Ok Celestia is Wonder Mare and Super mare is AJ.
So that leaves one question who is Batman of this story?

7646858 Yup! You found the reference! *gives a cookie*
I hinted at who Batmare is in the first chapter :raritywink:

7648826 Could you have two villains in this story one wonder woman bad guy and the other maybe a Lex Luther character.
I maybe see Sombra as Hades, and Blueblood as Luthor. Just my opinion.

7655084 I did think about a villain team up, but I still haven't thought of any two villains (one Superman's and one Wonder Woman's) that would have common goals (other than killing the heroes) and team up.

7655285 Well a Wonder woman villain human or demigod would team up with the Luthor villain because they both would share the same jealousy of being the lesser power of people showing more love and respect toward the heroes. I would choose hades because like luthor he hates that mortals worship her and superman like gods. Same as human villains they don't like people they can't control.

Blueblood- luthor
Flim Flam brothers-Nazies

7655744 Hm. Pretty good choices, except for Tirek; I don't think he could be Brainiac.

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