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It started in the distant, rough and tumble Griffin mining town of Shady Sands, infamous for being a town where just saying the wrong greeting could start a fight and not a day went by where a building didn't get wrecked by some wild brawl in the saloon.

Then the Sheriff came to town and started a revolution that swept across the Griffin Kingdoms.

Now, Twilight Sparkle is facing a strangely worthy test of her intellect and skill as a scholar as the Sheriff's strange weapons are now being considered for usage by the Royal Guard for law enforcement duties and Princess Celestia wants her faithful student to answer one rather difficult question.

How can simple foam darts fly truer than any arrow or spell, penetrate magical shields and armour, knock an adult pony out cold, level buildings and yet not leave a bruise on a foal?

The journey to find out the answer will be long, painful, and full of foam.

Set somewhere in Season Six. Definitely after Five.

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This seems genuinely interesting, by the description alone.

Tactical Nuke sized explosions. For the fucking lulz.

This is wonderful and I love it already. I swear, if you turn this into some kind of soapbox about real-world gun control and make it unreadable, I will kick your dumb ass.

"See?" Twilight pointed out, "Absolutely nothing. I'd even go as far as to say that Pinkie's head did more damage to the foam than it did to her!"

Everyone turned to look at Pinkie who held up the block to display an impression of her face in the block with a smile.

"Okay, that is actually impressive." Twilight conceded

I'll say.

How big of an explosion should a NERF Missile cause I wonder? And yes, the missiles are re-usable, why wouldn't they be?

About like this:

An explosion doesnt make a whole lot of sense but if it broke open and dropped a bunch of smaller darts over a crowd i could see that.

7309827 They should make an actual NERF gun that does that

This sounds so retarded, that I'm pretty sure it's just right up my...alley! Will read!

7310039 as a missle im not sure how plausible it would be as a mortar that upon impact with the ground i could see that as acting like a pump that could launch small darts. Hmm now that i thonk abot it a missle shaped more like a plane with a small time set to open a small bay like a bomber to drop its payload might work as well.

My biggest question is why does this have a Mature/Sex tag on it? Is it a mistake?

7310076 This comment had me incapacitated for several minutes.

I am almost certain that this is going to end with "Poniez OP. Plz nerf." :pinkiehappy:

This is gonna be interesting.

Pls make more. I must see where this silliness leads

"My cabbages!"

There go my sides:rainbowlaugh: reference to avatar, the last air bender for those who don't understand

I think the size should be that of either an anti-personal rocket or frag-grenade

7310171 Already been done, it's called the Nerf Nuke.

Alternatively, you could just make a grenade with a rubber band and a handful of darts.

The author appears to have reconsidered that, as neither tag is present now.

Okay. Favoriting this. I want to see how this turns out. Imagine of they got the friggen sticky-dart ones...and those paralyzed folks. XD

It's so ridiculous that it's impossible for me to not love it!

dat Fallout: New Vegas reference
The reference is Shady Sands.


Bzzt! Partial Points Rewarded!

That poor pony you do know that was completely evil

Haven't got time to read it just now, but this has to be linked:

EAT MY NERF sparklebutt!:moustache:

Am I the only one who imagines the Griffin Kingdom as a country of troll? :rainbowlaugh:

Well I must say that I enjoy this piece of work. Keep it up.

Comment posted by Vadelent deleted Jun 21st, 2016

Ahhh... I think I see what is going on here. The power is not in the gun but in 'The Name'. The guns aren't themselves magic but Equis itself (or their universe) has taken the human definition of nerf and ran with it.

In video gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that makes something less effective or desirable. The word can be used as a verb to describe that change. The opposite of nerf is buff or revamp.

So since the gun itself isn't magic it could be supposed that Equis has made the name, Nerf, itself magic. The guns are just a conduit. So the more powerful (read op) something is the harder it gets hit by the nerf bat (or gun in this case). Which would explain why it knocked Twilight through a building and into a nine hour coma.

That would actually make sense, if it's indeed the case here.

I'm gonna run with this headcanon until the author states otherwise.

This reporter hopes that hopefully this will be the last we here of it.

Might wanna double check that homophone. :twilightsmile:

Otherwise great! I'm excited to read the next chapters.

If Nerf Guns can do this much damage, what about...

Going by the possible headcanon of 7324926 , Airsoft would probably perform worse than NERF weapons in Equestria: Assuming the headcanon is accurate, the name 'airsoft' would be taking the meanings of 'air' and 'soft', then channeling them through the airsoft weapons. Which can only implicate that getting hit would be akin to being hit with soft, tiny, pellet-sized pillows. (Only in Equestria)

While NERF takes the human definition of the word 'nerf', and channels it into the NERF weapons: All targets are struck with what amounts to a 'nerfbat', except with foam darts rather than a 'bat'.

But it's still headcanon until confirmed/denied by the author.

Well, if the headcannon isn't true, then god help us all, for ye airsoft gods rain down destruction upon us all.

Don't want to deal with the long and tedious setup of the scene you really want to do? Have Twilight take one for the story and do sleep diplomacy. It was a wise choice.

This has promise to be not only good, but totally hilarious as well.

Id propose. That its the transition accross realities from the human world production factories, they are made by the million, that lets the local World Magic do the transformation, which is far easier than the pony, human transition of living things.

In Magic, Words have Power, and Names are Power. the Name that is a Word can have Power Word Kill rating.

If foals are unaffected, I propose that the Griffon Army go up against the CMC. :scootangel:

I also propose, in keeping, that because of Pinkies reality decentralised behaviour, that she is affected by these weapons the same as a human in their realm, because she is part of that realm, because if she wasnt, it would cause a Grandfather style paradox feedback loop causing an energy release leading to the destruction of both realities.

Of course, as a scientist, I am happy to wait for the description the author has decided on that prooves me wrong. :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie, is Always watching. :trollestia:

What!? Everyone there knowingly decieved Twilight? What the actual hell!? If Celestia doesn't want Twilight to know how they work, why did she ask Twilight to investigate them in the first place!? No, instead she throws her off the trail by sending her on a stupidly dangerous trip that could get her killed!? This makes no sense! there is no way Celestia would do that!


It's almost as if you were reading some kind of alternate universe story where nothing is as it seems and something screwy is going on. :ajbemused:

I mean, it's like somehow you were seeing only what Twilight Sparkle was seeing. As if she was some kind of point of view for the entire story.

7326985 Wow, harsh, okay maybe I deserved that. I get that it's an alternate universe but characters should still hold true to their basic values unless the conditions of the alternate universe changes them. Nothing in this suggests Celestia is significantly different from her usual self and Celestia endangering Twilight just doesn't fit.

The second time was to slay his brother 'Barney' when it came for revenge."


Canon: Has already been stated/made official

Headcanon: Hasn't been made official, but could be without really affecting anything

Alternate universe*: MY GAME, MY RULES

*Story has been tagged with.


It's not just New Vegas. Shady Sands is a location in the original Fallout.

It's an established location through the whole series.

7331442 I wasn't around for the first 3 Fallout
(1, 2, Tactics)

Thought this might be of interest. Oh, and I've read it now. This seems incredibly silly but I don't think they're just all trolling Twilight... but I think the answer to the mystery is probably less mysterious and more stupid.

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