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I mostly write about the Sirens and Sunset Shimmer since I feel like their stories are underrated and I enjoy writing them the most! I hope you enjoy my silly, 'funny', and (mostly) fluff stories.


Adagio has been acting strange lately, more than usual. Aria and Sonata are worried and want to find out what is causing her unusual behavior. Unfortunately, asking her directly is pointless since Adagio won't give away a straight answer. So they do what every friend does in these type of situations, invade her privacy and terrorize her room searching for answers.
The results are sccaring.

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I enjoyed it.


I found myself returning back to cafe once again, and once again, she was their. What was her angle? I think she’s trying to test my patients.

"There", "patience".

7305352 Thanks. Any other grammar errors?

7305367 Those were the only ones I noticed.

7305381 Oh, okay. Thanks any ways. Glad you enjoyed it.

7305383 It was quite entertaining. Thank you for writing it.

I love it :heart:
It was so funny :rainbowlaugh:
good work :twilightsmile:

I can imagine one of their first conversations being like:
"So, uh, how was your day?"
"Witch! You wish to learn my schedule so that you may strike when I am most vulnerable, don't you? Well, it ain't gonna happen, I'm too smart for your mind tricks, chump."

Aria rolled her eyes with a heavy sigh. How sick can you get Adagio?

Says the one who is banging her own sister :pinkiesick:

7306193 Technically, they're figure sisters, not blood related.

7305367 Actually...

"The results are scaring."

There should be two R's in there. "Scarring", not "scaring". Unless you meant "scaring", in which case you may want to change to "frightening" or "scary".

And yes I am probably overthinking this, why do you ask?

7306704 Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks!

I have one but it involves phone calls bring sexy back.

“Can we go back to the *dairy now?”


“Sonata! Don’t startle me like *this.


This was a good story :heart:

Sonata immediately tightened herself around Aria arm. “I don’t want to die Aria! I’m too young!”

Aria: Look, just don't say anything and (looks ahead in story) nope, nevermind, we should start writing our eulogies.

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