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Featured Sci-Fi Story: "Equus Metamorphosis" ( http://bit.ly/1YnanMR )


They kidnapped one of the children under her care. Cheerilee couldn't stop it.

And in her mind, she had always considered herself a hero. Always thought of herself as someone who could win the fight, trick the villains and save the day. Her reality was shattered the day the child was stolen.

But she isn't giving up. She's decided to fight back. And with Sunset Shimmer's help, the two search for the kidnappers. But can they do what it takes to cross the lines that only the hardest hearts can cross? Can they be those dark heroes they've always imagined?

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A very tense and well constructed kidnap scene. The song lyrics really don't add anything, but otherwise this looks to be a really good story.

Dude, this is awesome. :rainbowderp:


Thank you so much for the compliments! Shame about the lyrics, but that's okay! Imma keep going! Stay tuned! :)


Thank you so much! Just wait till the action gets even MORE intense! :D

A very thrilling beginning! Can't wait to read how it will continue! :rainbowdetermined2:

Maybe you could tag it "Thriller" and "Equestria Girls"?


Ah thank you for checking it out and commenting! Oh and good ideas! I added those tags. :D

I want more. I've never wanted more in my life before now.

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