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I am a simple writer and connoisseur of gender bending stories. I also do a little editing and collaborations if you're in need—just know that my schedule isn't the most reliable.


The power of rhymes is a wonderful thing
It can make us so happy we sing
Or so sad we weep rivers and streams
And may other emotions in-between
But what happens when rhyming goes further still
Can one zebra figure it out, I hope she will?

Collaboration between Samaru163 and DreamWings

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 18 )

Damn. You guys actually did this.

Ode to a Spud

Dear beautiful potato,
When I gaze into your eyes,
I'm fearful,'cause all I think about
Is making you french fries.

I want to appreciate you,
I know I really can,
But I appreciate you most
With two eggs in a frying pan.

I love you,sweet potato,
And swear my heart will break,
If someone else devours you,
With butter,after you bake!

779196 Are you shocked?

Sort of. Didn't think you would make a story out of that. I'll read this as soon as I find some spare time. I'm fairly sure I dropped some somewhere around here, but I haven't been able to find any recently. Maybe it's hiding behind the couch?

780535 Be sure to thank DreamWing, she helped a lot.

That's your co-author...and she's a girl?
Will definitely pay a visit.

780678 I'm right here. And yes I'm a girl, yay :yay:

:moustache: Why helloo~

lol ok... that's all the flirting I have left in me....

on to praise!

This was awesome!:rainbowkiss:

780729 Thanks. It was fun to write to... I love poetry and I know Samaru does as well

Meh. This must have taken a lot of work, but it's still... par for the course, really. But I guess that's just me. Rhymes come like *that* to me. I used to freestyle.

Well done Samaru and Dreamwings you did an amazing job on this poetry revolution :pinkiehappy: When do you think you'll do the next one:pinkiesmile:

this story is amazing with all of the rhyme. but i must depart from this tale, until next time :pinkiehappy:

Neat, I read this without logging on one time and it was awesome, just never got around to rating it. :applecry:

Awesome story and now I think I am stuck with rhyming in my head D:

1064877 Glad to hear it, my friend
For our purpose you see
Was to give you a story
Full of rhymes and glee
But be sure to thank Dream
She deserves the credit as well
For without her partnership
No tale would we tell.

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