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But sometimes it does.


When Rarity starts thinking that she might have feelings for one of her friends, she realises that there are things about her lifestyle that might have to change if she wants to pursue a relationship with that pony. So, in an effort to learn about their lives and what they do, she talks to each of her friends about their own feelings and experiences.

Big thanks to a friend long moved on, and many friends still with us.
Life is suffering. The fic will finish soon.

Chapters (4)
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This is going to be silly.

I'm in.

Glad to finally see this! I'm looking forward to the rest. :twilightsmile:

zx29b #3 · Aug 20th, 2019 · · 2 · I ·

Inb4 it's Applejack, and Applejack spurns her for the love of an apple tree.

“I guess I’m just still surprised about how... nonchalant you’re being about all this.”

Well, I can neither confirm nor deny...

Amazing to see this out! I'd nearly forgotten about its contents honestly.
Looking forward to the entirety of this story. Hope the rest of you guys enjoy too!

Will this story be discussing coitus?

Considering how our interests align, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Unless it's an oc, the only male character that I can think of with the initials F.P. is Fancy Pants, but I don't remember him being important in any episode other than ones about Rarity or Spike so I'm at a loss for the mystery love. My hope is AJ, but that's just my opinionated shipper heart talking. Hope to see what happens next soon!

I saw this on the popular page, and read the summary. I tried to put off reading it to work on some of my own ideas, but I got too curious. I clicked. And I absolutely regret it because I'm going to drive myself crazy trying to figure this out! I have to know... Oh my goodness. I love a good mystery, and a good comedy, and you hooked me! So please excuse me while I tear my hair out waiting for the next chapter!

PS- I saw the B.B's. I'm glad Rarity and Blueblood had some trysts. Good for them. Good for them.

F.P. is obviously "Fluttershy's Pappy," and it's been four months since then because Rarity is still recovering. It's always the soft-spoken ones, you know. "Speak softly but carry a big stick," like Teddy Roosevelt says.


I've seen "Fluttershy Poseysfilly" as a thing somewhere or other. Of course, that would end in tragedy unless Discord were willing to share...


You’ve been having tons and tons of casual sex for so long that you don’t know what to do now that you’re having romantic feelings for somepony?

See, this is what's tripping me up. Rarity is the most hopeless romantic out of the main cast. Indeed, she's the only one of them who's shown any kind of interest in the opposite sex, not counting Twilight's experiences with a hormone-soaked monkey brain. Rarity not knowing how to handle romantic feelings just feels wrong to me.

That said, it isn't a dealbreaker. These promise to be thoroughly interesting conversations, and I look forward to more of them.

Alondro #12 · Aug 20th, 2019 · · 1 · I ·

Twilight laughs, "Oh Rarity, you and your crazy ideas! Everyone knows baby ponies are spawned from plant pods!" She leans in, "THAT'S WHY THEY HAVE SUCH DEAD, BLACK EYES!!!"


Alondro #13 · Aug 20th, 2019 · · 1 · I ·

9790901 Big Mac speaks softly and carries a HUGE stick. :rainbowwild:

(I had to... I am duty-bound by the subject matter.) :rainbowlaugh:

Just from the title and the original start to the chapter alone has me intrigued. Can't wait to see where this goes. Count me in

Amazing! I can’t wait to read more!

I can't believe I am reading a story like this ... But hey , has long has there are no detailed Shmex scenes or things like that , I can live with it . Of course , I am not really ok with some of the ships or sexuality of the characters you made but it's not my story and again , I can live with it .

Also :

Fluttershy smiled. “She and you have more in common than you might realise

I think it's pretty obvious but I am pretty sure it's a reference to them being voiced by the same person in the show (how Ironic that the Crazy hyperactive pony and the shy calm pony are voiced by the same person)

This is great. I look forward to the next few days:raritywink:

Not my usual fare but I'm enjoying this. Please continue!

I think it might be because Pinkie plays with more than one type of party cannon :pinkiegasp:

They both sex a lot

It isn't so much a reference to the show as to another standalone story written by Fourths called You and Her, if you feel like looking it up! In my limited experience, Fourths writes what they want, and canon should never be expected to stand in the way. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Wait what happened to space jazz, did they die?

As far as I know, he is alive and well; he's just long since moved on from the community and onto other things. He did have a hand in editing early drafts of a few chapters, though, so I figured I'd give him a little shoutout/tribute.

This is cute and funny. The kind of character interactions I love

Aw, I’m a sucker for ace twilight, thank you for fueling my headcanon.

Really enjoying this so far, I can’t wait to see where you take it!

Besides we all know who Spike is interested in.

aaw come on Rarity, at least blow spike on his birthday once in awhile.

“Oh?” Rarity said suddenly, sitting up straighter, looking Fluttershy in the eye with a mischievous grin. “Do you really not think about sex either?”

:fluttershysad: "Rarity, I can talk to animals. I get enough of that from them."

In any case, always nice to see these two having mutually supportive moments. And I suppose we can trim the potential partner list down to two candidates. Definitely looking forward to Pinkie's insight on the matter.

I am pretty sure that would count has Zoophilia since they are sentient ponies ...

I just meant talk about sex, not the actual act, but I can see the ambiguity.

Granted, these are woodland critters whose dens have stairs and stoves, according to some episodes, so their actual intelligence may be up for debate...

Oh , this explains that XD ! And the fact that I am not a native english speaker doesn't help it .

Has for the inteligence of the animals , it's just like the overall tech level of Equestria , it changes when the creators need it to change , thus making it really hard to have a strict inteligence "value" for the animals ...

Damn kids show who can't even be 100% realistic in creating a world !
(that was a joke)


Big Mac speaks softly and carries a HUGE stick.

I couldn't help but picture Batman's Joker saying "Walk quietly and carry a big stick!"


9792875 The squirrels usually have the most advanced homes.... wait a minute...

And Rick and Morty is crossed over with "Gravity Falls"... and that show has a magical land of arrogant unicorns... and arrogant unicorns were also found in "Regular Show"... which featured an evil giant floating head, which was the Dark Side of a senile old man... Oh my god... I SEE IT ALL NOW!! The Conspiracy is being controlled by the- *BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!* (Alondro's body is dragged away by shadowy squirrel-like shapes, with something else behind nodding its approval before heading to the Country Kitchen Buffet.)


Came for a chapter, stayed for Pinkie's shenanigans. Well done

Jokes on you , I never watched any of those shows so I didn't understand anything , squirells are creepy tho

Yassss, Rainbow's last. We all know what that means :duck::rainbowwild:

Just read the last chapter to date (third one) and I will say that I really started this Fic only because I was bored and needed some quick and siple laughts and dammit I shouldn't have done that because now I feel like I'll read it entirelly because I want to know who you shipped with everyone ...


So amazing! I can't wait to read more!

Personally somewhat bummed that the mystery love is RD (shipper heart, nothing more), but I'm still very curious to find out how Rarity's crush developed and how her affair with FP affected her relationship with the daredevil tomboy. Can't wait for the next chapter!

can i posit a question?
why is this story tagged romance? which friend exactly is rarity thinking she feels things for? better not be applejack or rainbow dash, and may god have mercy upon your soul if it's Fluttershy. he knows I won't if such is the case.

Only one way to find out. :raritywink:

I'd say that's rather the point of the story isn't it? We're only an external observer to Rarity's dilemma. Let's not get too caught up in the specifics and enjoy the story of someone else's interpretation of a specific imagined set of circumstances eh?

don't be like that, sweetie
i asked a question, the least you could do is answer

Really liked this chapter. I love this take on Pinkie and the dynamic between the two.

not mad, just irked that you're being evasive
and continuing to be so

Updates daily until completion.

How many updates will that take?

Not too many, not too few. A handful.

"...When you get down to it, feelings just kind of are silly to begin with, but that’s part of why they’re so important.”

:pinkiesmile: the Philosopher.

How dare the author not tell you how the story ends before it's published! :raritydespair:

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