• Published 14th Jun 2016
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To rekindle the flame - Sky Trotter

Both banished to Darkness, Can a long lost friendship be Rekindled

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Chapter 7

Spike lead the much older dragon through the castle halls toward the dining hall, “the castle can be a bit difficult to navigate at times. But if you are ever worried about getting lost just ask one of the guards, they will be able to direct you. In addition to that, there are maps at every major intersection.”

Nodding, Obsidian replied “that is very good to know, now tell me; is there a large open area in which we might be able to have our studies? A grand cavernous hall?” Looking back over his shoulder Spike replied “I am not really sure what you need. There is the ballroom. That is the largest room that I can think of.”

Shaking his head “No that will not work, after our meal; of which I hope there is quite a spread, I will have to take a chance to go to the lowest levels to check the composition of the crystal that I will have to work with.”

Spike looked back that the older male and gave him a quizzical look. “Why do we need to have a huge room, and why did you ask about how large dinner was?”

Smirking Obsidian replied “To answer your first question, some of the Magic that I will be teaching you can be rather dangerous. We will need a large area within which to practice them. There are also techniques that I will be teaching you that will require me to be in my normal form. You will understand it after you see me for the first time. As to the second question. I believe that after we start eating, you will discover your answer.”

Spike responded with a shrug and continued“Okay I guess, I mean I have been feeling quite hungry lately. It feels like no matter how much I eat, it’s never enough, at least over the last two months.”

Upon entering the dining area, Obsidian was pleased to see that the meal set out was quite large, looking down with a knowing smile “you were not exaggerating when you said you have been experiencing a larger than average hunger. This is normal, tonight I want you to eat as much as you can. Do not feel concerned for your mother for that matter or me, I will ensure that we have enough.”

The meal began as most meals in this house did. After sitting down they began; Spike started to question Twilight about her day, showing genuine interest into the goings on of his mother and the various things that she was dealing with, Obsidian sat in silence enjoying the modern food, but still keeping an eye on Spike as he continued to wolf down as much food as he could. Any time that it seemed as if they were going to start to run low, more food seemed to be on the platters; neither of the other dinner hosts noticed this but continued to eat and enjoy each other’s presence. However as the conversation began to peter out which left it open for a change in topic, it was at this point the attention was turned to Obsidian.

“So…” Twilight began as she locked her gaze upon the newcomer to their life “what kind of lessons will you be teaching us?”

Finishing his bite and making sure to entirely swallow his food, Obsidian looked up into Twilight's eyes “I intend to give Spike and by transition you, a full education into the world of dragons and politics. Spike will need to know what it is to be an ambassador to the dragons on behalf of his mother and citizens. To this point if you hadn’t already realized this, or if you just haven’t made the connection, Spike can and should be recognized as an Equestrian prince. He already has a good foothold via his friendship with Dragon Lord Ember. We may also look into the possibility of an arranged marriage provided that she is not already in one.”

At this comment, Spike began to cough with earnest and quickly began to gulp down his drink to clear his air pipe. Having not had a mouth of food blocking her airway Twilight spoke first “A-an arranged marriage! Spike is still a child, is that really something that we need to think about, he is still far too young, and besides nopony has arranged marriages anymore; that is something from the distant past!”

“I realize that for Equestria that is true. However, arraigned marriage for dragons is something that is still very much in place, and it is not like Spike would be limited to mates, are herds not still practiced here?”

Blushing Twilight replied “y-yes they are still recognized. Although they aren’t as common as they once were, they kind of fell out of fashion.”

Blinking with confusion “How can something like that fall out of ‘fashion.’ They serve a vital purpose, is the gender ratio not still around 7 females to 1 male here?”

Her blush intensifying “well yes while that is true, there have been some mares that have well, married other mares. We currently have a system in place that allows any mare that wants to have foals, access to the means to have them, without having to have a stallion involved directly involved, or even a stud program.”

Spike had finally managed to catch his breath. “Do you mean having to get married to Ember?!” his face going a deep purple-red when thinking about it.

Looking over to the smaller dragon, Obsidian replied “that would be the ideal candidate. I know for a fact that she would be open to the idea. You left quite an impression on her. Although I am not sure if she realizes it herself, from how she wrote about you in her letters it is quite obvious. In any event, now that our meal is done, who would like to see a magic demonstration?”

The worry about the potential arranged marriage disappeared from Twilight’s face as her arm shot into the air and she bounced in her seat “ME ME ME ME ME” after a few moments she realized what she did, and in a much calmer reaction, she replied “um. I mean I would be delighted to observe some dragon magic.”

Smirking at the reaction that he managed to get from the young mare Obsidian continued “alright then, if you would be so kind as to show me to the deepest levels of the castle.”

Once they had cleared off the table, they began to make their way down to the lowest levels of the castle. Twilight brought them to a small closet found deep in the ground. “Well here we are, not really sure what we are supposed to do with this tiny of a room, but it is the lowest area of the castle.”

Smiling Obsidian extended his hand to touch the back of the closet. Extending his will to press into the wall, expecting solid rock or soil, however this was not what he found. Instead the castle had cavernous opening, he pushed his will further into the opening to discern the size, the further he avanced, it just seemed to go on forever. This lead to the conclusion that the hidden room behind the thin wall was perfect. Large enough for him to fully stretch out, larger in fact than the area of Ponyville “well then it would appear that I have far less work than I thought I would.” Extending a minimal amount of energy he transmuted the thin wall into a door.

Obsidian continued“Well I have to say I am quite surprised as well as pleased. It would seem that the castle has provided for us. It would have taken a few weeks for me to have cleared this much space away with magic.” He pressed the door open and displayed what was hidden behind the once solid crystal door. Immediately beyond the door was a landing, off the landing was a grand staircase that leads down into the seemingly endless room. “This will work wonderfully for a room of instruction as well as a room for me to stay in.” without another word he leaped from the balcony and shifted to his true form, his massive wings spreading as he glided down to the floor far below. Looking around he beheld the miles of bookcases that lined the room, currently all empty. “everything has been provided for us, and even better, there is room for my hoard to be displayed.” Snapping his claw he summoned his bag from his room, popping into existence next to him he smiled at it. Snapping his fingers again they began to spill forth from the seemingly impossible space to fill the shelves.

Twilight had been staring entranced at the room. However, her eyes seemed to bulge out of her head at the sight of the books. “How many books do you have?!”

Smirking at her, Obsidian responded “Just a few that I have managed to collect over the years, I think last I checked I am currently sitting at a collection of around five thousand two hundred and forty-two. Many given to me from the original Authors.”

Twilight began to spin around as she looked at the now full shelves “Spike look at this. I had no idea that this was under the castle, just wow, look at all the books he brought with him…Spike…Spike?” looking down she smiled seeing her Son sleeping curled up with his thumb in his mouth. Leaning down she began to rock him back and forth in an attempt to wake him, she, however, was unsuccessful in her attempts, she began to grow worried. He wasn’t putting up any kind of resistance as she was attempting to wake him up. With a worried sound in her voice she calls out “Obsidian, hurry something is wrong with Spike, he won’t wake up.”

He nodded as he shifted back to his avatar. “I was surprised that he managed to stay awake this long, considering he is very close to his hatching day.”

Her eyes full of worry and love Twilight responded: “What do you mean, what about his hatching day?”

Obsidian responded “His first sleep of course. It’s not like most young dragons to put of succumbing to it so long. Most would have already been asleep for a week by now.”

Her eyes now full of annoyance “What do you mean by that!?”

Sighing Obsidian clarified“I merely mean that most wormlings would have already gone into the designated sleep sooner than this. It is likely his devotion to you that kept him away for so long.”

Twilight Shot back“I will have you know that he sleeps every night, he is normally the one that makes me go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

Smirking he replied “I am sure that he does, however, what is happening right now is his first hibernation, every dragon goes through this just before they hit 18 years of age, it results in an explosive amount of growth that happens during a short hibernation. For most, it is around two weeks. But without fail he will awaken on his 18th hatching day.”

Looking back at him Twilight had venom in her voice “Why didn’t you tell me that this would happen?! Why didn’t you tell him?!”

Drawing back he composed himself to deal with the worried mother “for two reasons, the first is that this is a relatively short sleep, he will not miss much, and for the second reason. Well, I kind of hoped it would end up being a wonderful surprise for him. This should result in him growing to be around your size, and I expect potentially taller, and the addition of getting his wings. Although dealing with his hormones is going to be rather challenging if he was anything like myself. My own hen once said I was likely to make her claw her own scales off.” He chuckled with remorse on his own musings. “Besides now we have time to speak, let us move him to his room. I have much to say and to tell. While he will endure his changes, you will need to be given a crash course on what to expect when he awakens.”

Spike having been lifted and placed in his bed to spend the next week or so there resting and growing, Twilight and Obsidian excused themselves to a secluded corner of the castle where they might have a chat.

Twilight began“So start talking, why is it that you waited until now to speak to me.”

Obsidian replied, taking a deep breath he began “Tell me what do you know of the Hen that laid Spike’s egg?”

Looking back she replied as she began to wring her hands together “I don’t know anything about her, Celestia never told me. Why is that important, Do you know?”

Expecting this he continued. “I expected as much, as it happens it is vitaly important, a dragon’s hen passes many of her abilities on to her young. It doesn’t really matter much in the long run, after so many years a dragon develops all of their own abilities and power. But to start within the younger years, it can affect what kind of abilities they start out with. Now what I am about to tell you is of the highest level of secrecy. No one can know, with me now telling you, the total number of beings that know about this will number three. You, Celestia, and I, at one point I will tell Spike but not until after he has shown that he can be entrusted with the information. Keep in mind now Twilight. This is one of the few secrets that Princess Celestia is keeping even from Princess Luna.” Twilight’s eyes threw sparks off of them at that comment. “Not that I do not feel as if he can keep a secret, but the nature of this secret could endanger not only himself but all of Equestria as well.”

With a level of confusion, she had not experienced since foalhood Twilight hazarded a question “Why? Why would his Hen cause so much issue?”

Obsidian locked his eyes with hers, taking a deep breath as he continued “The reason it causes so much issue, is because Spike and I’s Hen was sworn to never have another egg after me.”

Twilight shot back suddenly “Why would that matter if she...wait” her eyes widened as she made the connection, “you said ‘Spike and I’s’ are you saying.”

Cutting her off “yes, it would appear that young Spike, is my half-brother. Apparently, after my self-exile, my mother sought out some comfort. That comfort resulted in Spikes egg, however, due to the oath that she had sworn she was supposed to have delivered the egg to the matriarch of our clan for the egg to be destroyed. Rather than do that she turned it over to Celestia. She has since passed on to the afterlife. Due to the nature of the oath and the amount of power that her clan holds… well, it is better than they never find out the Spike's origin. That is one of the reasons that I feel like it would be a good idea to broker an arranged marriage between Spike and Ember. Her position would offer quite a bit of safety. At that point, we can simply say that Celestia found Spike’s egg abandoned somewhere. I want to keep him safe. With our hen gone… he is all I have left of her, I hope that I will be able to tell him of her. She will remain just part of his origin. However” his eyes locked with Twilight’s “You are his mother in every way that counts. You raised him, you fed him, and you are the one who gave him his soul, and for this, I can never repay you for the gift you have unknowingly given me.”

Hesitantly pulling forward, his arms spread in an invitation of a hug. He wrapped Twilight in his arms and pulled her close “T-thank you for giving me my family back.” Twilight felt a moist drop hit her shoulder and she then realized that he was crying “Thank you so much for giving me back a little of the life that I once squandered and lost”